Heroes Under Siege: Detroit Firefighters Assaulted by Angry Mob at Accident Scene


Some may blame music, while others may blame video games. Some may blame progressive politics and education, while others will point out the rise of social media. Others will say that the nuclear families have been atomized through feminism, sexual liberation, and federal intervention. Some will point to conservatives, who dithered over taxes as the country rotted on the inside. All of these factors contributed to the chaos in the United States.

Cops have always had to deal with a certain amount of animus. When I was growing up, there were elements of society who hated the police. This element has grown rapidly for the above-mentioned reasons and in recent years has also spread its hatred to EMTs and firefighters.

A good example is Click on Detroit, which reports that an SUV crashed against the side of a structure at 3 am Monday morning. Emergency crews responded in a very timely manner. By the time the emergency crews arrived, there was already a large crowd. It’s hard to imagine what a group of people would be doing at 3 in the morning, but that is exactly what happened. People may have heard the noise and then converged on the scene for a rubberneck. The crowd became angry and started throwing rocks at firefighters. One person used a piece to break the engine’s windshield. The two people inside the SUV were not reachable by the emergency responders, and so the driver of the vehicle died.

Some speculated that the mob had been angry because the responders were late. This seems like a flimsy excuse since the majority of people are out at 3 am on their own business. The American public, in general, doesn’t feel that way. Protesting Israel can be done in a number of ways. Demonstrating for accident victims is one thing. This pitch is so lame that it would be unfit for Saturday Night Live’s latest version.

Below is the report of the television station:

There is always a section for comments on any article online. One comment in particular caught my attention:

Please tell us the full story. Stop making it sound like people just attach emergency responders without any reason. Shawn Ley, you should be ashamed for not including important information.

Important info? What is important? A wreck occurred. Emergency crews were called, rocks were thrown and windows smashed. According to all reports, a violent mob was responsible for the death of one person. I assume the commenter will make the argument that the fire crew was slow because of the accident’s location and that racism and racist firefighting policy ensured at least one victim would die from their injuries. Ah, racism! What can it do?

It can’t be used as a way to undermine personal responsibility. You can’t burn down businesses and then complain about food shortages. You can’t loot shops and then complain about retailers leaving an area. You can’t block emergency responders and throw rocks at them to prevent them from reaching the victim. Then you can complain about the poor response. You can’t defund the police, and then complain about crime. You can’t throw open borders and then complain that your sanctuary city lacks space, money, and patience.

Well, you can, but that does not change anything. Social justice does not guarantee social improvement. Or, as Oscar Wilde once wrote, “In this world, there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it. The last is much the worst, the last is a real tragedy!”