Here’s What Hunter Biden Reportedly Said To Kevin McCarthy’s Mother


Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s child, reportedly told Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), his mother that she looked “beautiful” at a White House dinner honoring French President Emmanuel Macron.

Roberta McCarthy, 82, looks beautiful,” said the younger Biden to her at the December 2022 dinner. A person who was present told the New York Times Wednesday.

According to reports, Hunter Biden and the McCarthys were among the first guests at the dinner. It was attended by celebrities, politicians and businessmen as well as top Biden donors. Multiple December reports suggested that Hunter Biden and Kevin McCarthy’s mom had a conversation at the dinner, though it was not clear what words they exchanged.

Hunter Biden reportedly said “I’m a good friend of your son” to refer to the House speaker’s younger brother, Connor McCarthy. Connor McCarthy founded a company that offers higher education called Rize Education.

According to the Washington Post, December’s interaction was “a classic Biden-style moment in trying to charm an opponent.”

Kevin McCarthy and the House Republicans have pledged to investigate Hunter Biden’s business dealings as well as his family. In December, the House speaker stated that the GOP plans to subpoena intelligence officers who falsely claimed that an October 2020 New York Post article based on Hunter Biden’s laptop was part a Russian “disinformation” campaign.

The story was censored by Twitter and other social media platforms prior to the 2020 presidential elections. It was about Hunter Biden’s introduction to Joe Biden to a senior Ukrainian executive in the energy sector. This happened less than a year before the elder Biden pressed the Ukrainian government into firing an investigating prosecutor.

In May 2022, the Washington Examiner confirmed Hunter Biden’s authenticity by ordering an examination of its contents. Konstantinos Dimitrelos (ex-Secret Service agent) conducted the examination and authored a 71 page report that found no evidence of tampering.

Dimitrelos stated at the time that “my analysis revealed there was a 100% certainty Robert Hunter Biden responsible for the activity of this hard drive’s contents and all its stored data.”

James Comer, Chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee (Republican from Kentucky), informed Twitter executives that he wanted them to testify in February. According to the New York Times, Hunter Biden could face criminal charges for allegedly illegal business and tax activities.

Wednesday’s Comer also requested that the Treasury Department turn over Hunter Biden’s bank records regarding his business transactions, which banks had flagged as suspicious.

Comer said Wednesday that the Biden administration, Big Tech and the Washington Examiner worked tirelessly to conceal information about Joe Biden’s involvement in suspicious business schemes. “Now that Democrats have no one-party rule in Washington,” Comer said to the Washington Examiner. “Overview and accountability are now possible.”