Heckler Punches Audience Member at Chrissie Mayr’s Comedy Show


Chrissie Mayr, a comedienne from Los Angeles, is used to dealing with hecklers. But the person who attended her show in LA recently took it a step further and entered violent territory.

Mayr, who was performing at the Pineapple Saloon Sherman Oaks last Friday in front of a large crowd in an outdoor tent, had a heckler yelling right away. Mayr doesn’t want to remove the hecklers immediately, despite their interruption.

Mayr said in a telephone interview that she tries to charm people before removing those who are rude.

You can watch Mayr in a YouTube video trying to talk to the heckler outside the tent. The heckler remained persistent despite Mayr’s best efforts.

Mayr said, “He was clearly on drugs.” “And I think he was a poet.” He began shouting his poetry at me outside the tent.

Mayr tried to continue the show when some men got up and tried to push the heckler out. One man was trying to de-escalate and reason with the heckler, but it appears that it made him even angrier.

The man was knocked out and injured his arm when the heckler removed his shirt and decided to assault him.

The heckler fled when one of the bouncers tried to grab him.

Mayr said, “We later learned that he had been arrested in LA. He was back on the streets a few hours later.

Mayr said, “You never thought it would happen to you. You see it all the time online but you’ll never believe it will happen to you.”

Mayr is an outsider comic and is often placed in places with little security. Your safety is at risk in an area such as LA where the soft-on-crime policies have pushed poverty and criminality to absurd levels.

Even worse, if you are a comedian who is not known to be politically correct.

Mayr said, “If I were a mainstream comedian, I would get security. But since I am not, I have to deal with this.”

She joked, “Maybe I could offer free martial arts lessons at my shows.”

Mayr’s popularity is growing at an alarming rate. Mayr’s popularity is a result of his unapologetically sarcastic humor. He makes fun of everything and everyone, including people and topics that are not appropriate for satire.

Mayr is gaining fame and infamy at the same time. She has already angered many people on the left with her jokes. Myer was able to make a joke about Mulvaney in May, and it became a viral moment.

Mayr was thrust into the spotlight by this moment, but the left saw it as a chance to target her. Since then, they’ve tried to cancel her.

Mayr isn’t stopping anytime soon. Mayr was determined not to let the incident at the LA venue ruin his night.

She said, “I’ve got to be funny for this to work,” on stage. I’ll do it. “Watch me.”

Mayr had the crowd laughing again, and no one was hurt.

The man’s identity is still unknown. It could have been a drugged-up guy who happened to stumble upon the show. It’s not unimaginable that as Mayr’s popularity grows and her comedy offends all the right people it will lead to people showing up to escalate the situation. Mayr says that she will not be affected by it.

She said, “That’s the risk you run when you perform outside of the mainstream.”