Hawaii Jail Escapee Struck by Vehicle While Fleeing Police Succumbs to Injuries


Authorities said that an inmate who escaped from jail in Hawaii jumped on a highway to escape, and was then hit by a vehicle while fleeing the police last week, has now died.

Matthew J. Ornellas Jr. (33), escaped from Kauai’s Community Correctional Centre last Friday. However, only moments later, he was the victim of an incredibly serious hit-and-run. Hawaii Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation confirmed on Thursday that he had died from his injuries.

Ornellas climbed a razor-wire fence at the facility, according to officials. Correctional officers chased him but eventually lost sight of him.

Correctional officers heard a loud noise and found Ornellas about 100 yards away from the jail. He was hospitalized after being seriously injured.

Orenellas, according to Kauai Police, was running north in the southbound lanes of Kuhio Highway at the time he was struck.

According to the Hawaii Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, he was serving time on a drug conviction.

The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has confirmed that it continues to investigate this escape.

Ornellas had been incarcerated at the Kauai Community Correctional Center, a facility with a minimal level of security.

Kauai Police said that authorities are still looking for the driver who fled the scene before first responders could arrive.