Harris Confronted Over Equity Comments at Congressional Black Caucus Gala


After being asked by a reporter to clarify her remarks on equity and the distribution of Hurricane Ian relief funds by the Biden administration, Kamala Harris, Vice President, was seen looking absent at the gala.

The Republican National Committee’s research division released the video on Saturday evening. It appears that Harris was leaving the 51st Annual Phoenix Awards dinner hosted by Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. She and President Joe Biden spoke at this event. They highlighted their achievements in Black Americans’ lives and frequently mentioned “equity,” which was a part of their work. Harris’s pledge to the Biden White House that it would consider “equity”, which Republicans criticized, prompted outrage from Republicans.

Harris made eye contact and looked away from the man filming Saturday’s interaction. He then asked: “Vice President. Can you clarify what equity means for hurricane relief?”

Instead of acknowledging the individual, the VP continued to walk away.

Harris made the remarks in question during an event at the Democratic National Committee’s Women’s Leadership Forum with activist Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

The vice president stated to the movie star that it was the communities with the lowest incomes and communities of color who are most affected by extreme conditions and are impacted the most by issues not their own. This is why we need to tackle this issue in a way that promotes equity. We must understand that equality is fought for, but that equity also requires us to fight for equity and recognize that not everyone starts at the same point.

She continued, “And if people want to be in an equal place, sometimes they have to take into consideration those disparities and do that kind of work.”

Harris was immediately rebuffed for his comments. This came on the same day as the White House stated it was working with Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and Harris will provide assistance to victims of the storm that has left many dead and injured across the state.

Harris’s comments were criticized by DeSantis’s campaign for re-election. His rapid response director tweeted Saturday, “This is false. Harris’s rhetoric causes undue panic and should be clarified. All Floridians affected by Hurricane Ian are eligible for FEMA Individual Assistance, regardless of their race or background.