Guess Why Berlin University Tells Students Not to Call Cops on Sex Offender?


Leftism is at odds with reality. Women are men, women are champion swimmers and first female admirals, Old Joe Biden can be competent, capable, and coherent. Drag queens are great entertainers for primary school kids. Leftists are discovering this at Berlin’s Free University. The university warned victims that a sex offender was harassing and running wild in the area for several weeks. It is obvious that they shouldn’t. The sex offender is a migrant and calling the police on him would be considered “racist.”

German-language Berliner Morgenpost reported, “In a circular email, General Student Committee (AStA), Free University Berlin [FU], not only warns against a male student who has been sexually harassing or threatening for a while, but also advises you to call the Berlin Police if you have come in contact with him.” People who come across him and feel bothered should not do so. You should instead contact the university’s security service.

The Free University doesn’t believe it was necessary to contact the police and so this instruction wasn’t given. It goes on to say that the letter was written out of concern for the safety and well-being of the perpetrator. It states that “police actions for people affected by race are generally associated with an increased risk of experiencing violence from police officers.” We can’t believe that.

This individual is basically free to do whatever he wants. The Morgen Post reports that he “appeared repeatedly at various locations within the FU” and has “behaved in a sexist, abusive manner towards women.” He has not yet been physically violent but there have been threats of violence. “He is reported to have stalked one individual for a long while.” He has apparently been acting with impunity since December. This indicates that he knows that authorities won’t call the police on him. According to the university, there were “past complaints by university members regarding harassment on campus by non-university persons.” The harasser was expelled from campus but continued harassing women within the vicinity of the university.

The university suggests that students encountering a lout should call the police. However, it cautions that this cannot be done without consent from the sex offender. This is a reminiscence of the Defund The Police initiative in the United States in which Leftists suggested that social workers be sent to crime scenes instead of police officers. It might sound great during a late-night conversation with Lizzo and a bit of marijuana, but it is quite different in the morning light. This is the same as the Left’s fantasies and fiction.

Only the victims of FU’s escape from reality and deep concern about the well-being of their local migrant sex offenders are the women he will harass and attack, while the authorities do nothing. In the English town Rotherham, “At minimum 1,400 children were subject to appalling sexual exploitation between 1997 and 2013.” British officials “described their nervousness in identifying the ethnic origins perpetrators to fear of being considered racist; others recalled clear instructions from their managers to not do so.

How many women will be affected in Europe and the UK by the “racist” label? How many American women will be affected by the same thing?

The directive of the Free University is absurd and the best tool Leftists in Germany have ever had to recruit. Will they use it? They wouldn’t need to work hard to make it happen. Even if you have to be quiet and affirm what is true, it is a courageous act of courage when your opponent is fighting with reality.