Grassley And Johnson Demand Visitor Logs For All Biden Classified Document Locations


According to reports, the Secret Service would be willing to give Congress a list naming visitors to Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home. This is where, along with Penn Biden Center, classified documents were discovered from Biden’s vice presidency. According to a letter obtained by The Washington Examiner, Johnson and Grassley are now asking for names to be sent to the agency by February 2, according to a statement.

“We are writing today regarding the discovery of documents marked classified from Joe Biden’s vice presidency” that were found at multiple locations, the senators wrote to Kimberly Cheatle, Secret Service Director. “Since July 30, 2021 we have raised concerns over whether Joe Biden, then-Vice President, stored and archived government documents in compliance with federal record laws.”

“Accordingly,” the Republicans said, “as part of our ongoing congressional inquiry, we request that no earlier than February 2, 2023 the Secret Service provide a complete and complete list all individuals who entered locations where classified documents relating to then Vice President Biden’s tenure were identified.”

January 12th, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Robert Hur, a Trump Department of Justice appointee, as special counsel to investigate Biden’s possible mishandling of classified documents. In a 13-hour long search, six more classified documents were found at Biden’s Wilmington residence by DOJ officials. Jill Biden and the president weren’t there.

Johnson and Grassley made the request after Johnson and Dana Ann Remus, then White House counsels, expressed concern over Joe Biden allegedly using a private email address for government purposes.

According to reports, the elder Biden sent Hunter Biden government information via email. Senators wanted to know the steps taken by the government to “ensure those communications comply with federal record-keeping requirements and archival requirements.”

Johnson stated that Joe Biden, who has spent decades in Washington, is well-versed in how classified information should be handled. However, Johnson said that he doesn’t believe the laws and rules apply to him. The public deserves an honest accounting of those who may have been able to access these classified records.

He said, “I hope that the Secret Service will cooperate as Sen. Grassley investigates Joe Biden’s mishandling top national secrets.”

Hunter Biden was seen behind Joe Biden’s Corvette. It was parked in the garage at the Wilmington home where classified documents were stored. These images were taken from Hunter Biden’s laptop, and further prove that the younger Biden is currently under federal investigation. He could face charges for late tax filings and possibly fraudulent business expense deductions of at least $30,000 and possibly fraud.

It is not clear if Hunter Biden’s name will appear on the Johnson and Grassley visitor logs.

Hunter Biden-Corvette photos were taken in 2017 when he was negotiating with CEFC, an now-defunct Chinese energy conglomerate that is affiliated with China’s government. According to records, Hunter Biden was paid $6 million by CEFC in legal and consulting fees in 2017 and 2018.

According to the White House, visitor logs are not kept for Joe Biden’s Wilmington residence. The Secret Service, however, reportedly collects information about guests who regularly access the home, including criminal justice histories and law enforcement history.

Last week, White House spokesperson Ian Sams stated that “Like all presidents in decades of modern historical history, his personal home is personal.” “But, President Biden reinstated the tradition and norm of keeping White House visitors logs after he took office. He also published them on a regular basis, which was a change from the previous administration.”

A Secret Service spokesperson declined to comment.