GOP Establishment Shaken as Surprise Candidate Gains Ground


In the past, I’ve been surprised by neither primary winners nor presidential election results. Now, early in the 2024 general election cycle, one surprise has been the steady rise of Republican candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

According to the results of the recent poll, the 37-year-old anti-woke millionaire has now moved into double digits. He is now third behind former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

In the latest Morning Consult poll, Ramaswamy has seen a significant increase in his popularity and name recognition.

Ramaswamy made headlines on June 13 when he challenged the other Republican presidential candidates to promise that they would pardon Trump in case he was convicted of federal crimes — “or explain their reasons for not doing so.”

I challenge every US Presidential candidate to join me in standing for TRUTH. Commit to pardon Donald Trump for these federal charges on Day 1, or explain why you won’t. No one should hide. Not Biden. Not DeSantis. Not Haley. Not Pence. Not RFK. Not Scott. Not anyone. Principles over politics.

Principles matter more than politics. Wouldn’t it be nice if this were true for both sides?

Ramaswamy’s skepticism shows that the left fears him. The same thing happens every time Democrats become scared of a message coming from their enemy on the right: vicious, personal attacks. This is part of an old, destructive politics that has been used to destroy individuals, including Clarence Thomas, Donald Trump, and Tucker Carlson.

As we reported on June 24, Iowa’s Quad-City Times published a wildly racist cartoon depicting Ramaswamy as an “anti-woke crusader,” being “welcomed” by bigoted Republican supporters who shout: “Muslim!” “Show us your birth certificate!” and “Get me a SLUSHEE, Apu!” (Ramaswamy is a practicing Hindu.)

Ramaswamy fought back gracefully, and we reported it, but two days later, the paper made an empty promise. The paper claimed that the cartoon had been “lost during our editorial process”.

Ramaswamy is appealing to conservative prolifers. He said in late April, “Abortion is a form of murder.”

I think abortion is murder. State law deals with murder, not federal law. We should be consistent. It is required by the Constitution.

In April Ramaswamy informed CNN host Don Lemon about his ignorance of Civil Rights.

Don Lemon should do more research before making such a rash comment.


Ramaswamy has a great voice, but it’s his sharp communication and ability to articulate issues that have brought him national attention. He is not afraid to say what he thinks and does not care what critics on the left think.

Ramaswamy’s 25-point plan, which challenged the status quo and embraced conservative principles, also showed a commitment to conservatism.


Vivek’s rise in the polls is something that Republicans can’t ignore. Vivek may be a longshot for the Republican nomination, but he has made a compelling case to be considered for the vice president slot.