Glamour Meets Politics: Kenya’s Ruto Wined and Dined by Hollywood and Lawmakers


Former President Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Sean Penn of “Reading Rainbow” fame, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and LeVar Burrell were among the many notables in attendance at the White House state banquet honoring Kenya.

At the Thursday black tie event, the Clintons grinned broadly while posing for the photographers. The Biden administration had thrown six state dinners, including one in honor of Kenyan President William Ruto.

ITK overheard the 42nd president grin and declare, “I love the girl behind me! ” Grinning, the 42nd president remarked to ITK, “I like the girl behind you!” In the White House’s Booksellers Room, the former commander-in-chief was pointing to a 2003 photo of his late wife. Comparable feelings were expressed by the former commander-in-chief upon seeing a 2003 photo of his wife on display in the White House Booksellers Room.

Among the acts that night was Brad Paisley. He declared that “American Saturday Night,” his 2009 smash, would open his show. With him will be the Howard Gospel Choir.

Laughing, he added, “But all bets then are off,” standing next his wife Kimberly. We’ll observe and see what transpires.

ITK requested a daily word that appropriately summed up the state of politics today from Burton, the former host of the beloved children’s television show “Reading Rainbow” from 1983 until 2006.

What, just one? To what extent is profanity appropriate? At 67, Burton broke down.

Indeed, he said. Though it was a “free country,” I was reading Rainbow Man.

“That is three words,” he continued, “and there are a lot of possibilities.”

Goodell answered none of the questions. This involved his rejoinder to Kansas City Chiefs player Harrison Butker’s contentious commencement address. Less lively were some. Vice President Harris, Academy Award winner Penn, and actor Wilmer Vaderrama all smiled for photos without answering questions from the media.

Attending the lavish celebration with his mother, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker dubbed her “the greatest woman in the entire world.” “This is where we demonstrate our sexiness,” the New Jersey Democrat joked as he gave his mother a quick lesson on how to snap pictures in front of a step and repeat.