Georgia Troopers Cleared of Charges in Domestic Terrorist Shooting


Domestic terrorists aligned with Antifa and Stacey Abrams occupied the proposed site of a public safety training center for the city of Atlanta’s police and first responders. For months, these “protesters” attempted to block work on the site.

On January 18, a group of law enforcement professionals conducted a raid to remove the squatting criminals from the property. Manuel Teran, a 26-year-old squatter opened fire, injuring and killing a Georgia State trooper. The officers returned fire, killing Teran.

Since the shooting, Antifa thugs have claimed that they are peaceful environmental activists and that Teran (whom they called “Tortuguita”, or “Little Turtle”) was innocent. The riots continued and they demanded charges be brought against the police officers who shot Teran.

An investigation, which lasted nearly nine months, has concluded that six Georgia State troopers involved in the clearing and shooting raid will not be charged. On Friday, the Mountain Circuit District Attorney’s Office in northern Georgia released the results of their investigation.

According to WSB Radio, “In a Friday report, the Mountain Circuit District Attorney’s Office ruled the use of deadly force by GSP was objectively reasonable in this case”. No criminal charges were filed against the troopers who took part in the shooting.

The GBI reported that Teran initially refused to leave his tent when troopers asked him to. Once he emerged, Teran started firing without warning.

Although the domestic terrorists claimed that they were peaceful, their actions told a different tale. As law enforcement officers cleared out the camps, they found gas masks, blow torches, and mortar-type fireworks.

The group was involved in repeated and escalating conflict with the police. They threw Molotov Cocktails and shot fireworks at officers, reports WSB. Seven protesters were then arrested for domestic terrorism after staging a “night rage”, during which they marched around the city damaging property.

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