Georgia Teenager Discovers Deceased Parents in Home’s Driveway


A Georgia teenager found both his mother and stepfather dead in the driveway of his home. Police believe the incident to be a domestic dispute.

The police responded to an alarm at 6 am on Wednesday morning in Lawrenceville, after receiving a report of a shooting near Woodington Circle between Pleasant Hill Road and Club Drive.

They found the couple dead in the driveway.

The caller was the 15-year-old son of the couple who lived at the house. Two other children were also present in the home, his sisters. They were unharmed.

The police said that the three children were of elementary, middle, and high school age.

Investigators think that the shooting occurred in a domestic setting and that only the man and woman were involved. The weapon used to shoot the man and woman was recovered at the scene.

“We are looking into the possibility of this being a murder-suicide”, said Gwinnett County Police Department Sergeant. Michele Pihera told WANF-TV.

WANF reported that the neighbor was deeply saddened to hear of the incident.

“My heart broke this morning because I cannot imagine what they are feeling.” “For anyone to die, to lose a beloved one, I just can’t even begin to imagine.” “I’m hurting because he and his wife were close to me,” said Colin Barnes.

Barnes claimed to be very close with the couple and even had babysat their children.

The police said that they would wait until the couple’s next of kin are notified before releasing the names. While their investigation continues, they are also waiting for a decision from a medical examiner.

Here is a video from the local news about the incident.