Garland Takes Stand Against Election Integrity Measures


Garland and the Vice President appeared in Selma, Alabama on Sunday to mark the 59th Anniversary of Blood Sunday

Victor Avila says Democrats losing an election over the top issue.

Victor Avila, a retired ICE agent and a candidate for the U.S. Congress, claims that voters are “desperately” seeking representation for issues of common sense.

On Saturday, Attorney-General Merrick Garland appeared in Selma along with Vice President Kamala Harris. He pledged to combat voter ID laws as well as other election integrity measures he considered “discriminatory”.

The appearance of their group marked the 59th Anniversary of the Bloody Sunday Attacks on Civil Rights Marchers in Selma.

Merrick Garland delivered a speech at Tabernacle Baptist Church, Selma, Alabama on Sunday, 3 March 2024. The event commemorated the 59th Anniversary of the Bloody Sunday Civil Rights March in 1965.

Garland recounted voting history in the United States from the end of slavery. Garland spoke at the Selma Service, which marked the anniversary of the Alabama Police Officers’ attack on civil rights protesters.

He said that laws like voter ID laws and redistricting map laws have made it more difficult “for millions of eligible voters to vote and elect the representative of their choice.”

Garland addressed worshipers at Selma Tabernacle Baptist Church where the first mass gathering for the voting rights movement was held. Garland said that the measures included practices and procedures that made voting harder, a redistricting scheme that disadvantaged minority groups, and changes in voting administration that diminished the authority of local elected or nonpartisan election officials.

Garland claimed that the DOJ “fights back”.

He said that “the DOJ recognizes the urgency” in the current moment.

Garland’s comments came at a time of record illegal immigration to the United States.