G7 Leaders and Vladimir Putin Clash Over Bare-Chested Pictures


You may be wondering why Joe Biden is so quiet over the past week. It’s because he is in Europe for another iteration of the G7. Seven of the world’s most ineffective and mediocre leaders have gathered to do nothing again, making your life miserable with their economy-destroying climate change proposals.

How stupid are these people, even the President of the United States? G7 members are not helping to reduce global inflation or increasing energy supplies. That’s the big story. It’s more like a fight with Vladimir Putin over shirtless photos.

This really did happen.

Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, joked that G7 leaders could remove their clothes to “show they’re tougher than Putin” and “show us our pecs” as they sat down in the German Alps for talks.

Justin Trudeau, his Canadian counterpart, joked that they could match Putin’s 2009 naked torso photos with a “bare-chested horses riding display.”

The Russian president, speaking to Turkmenistan reporters on Thursday, clapped back at G7 participants and suggested that they couldn’t emulate him since they live unhealthy lives.

He said, “But I don’t know how they wanted to get undressed above or below their waist.” “But it would be a horrible sight in any case.”

Both sides are stupid and inept. The G7 leaders are causing a real conflict in Ukraine. Real lives have been lost due to their inability to control Putin before he invaded. They destroyed their ability to produce energy, from Biden to European heads of states, on the altar of climate change hysteria. This gave Russia enormous leverage over the rest of the world. To gain leverage over Putin, they refused to enact sanctions or increase energy production before the end.

These foolish decisions have brought us to a point in which the ruble is performing better against the dollar, and Russia is selling more oil for more money. Yes, it’s tempting to criticize Putin. But you aren’t really beating him. So maybe we should focus on the things that matter, rather than his old, bare-chested photos. This is just a thought.

This is not a defense of Putin, who seems thin-skinned. He’s clearly the bad guy for invading sovereign nations. And no, internal corruption concerns are not an excuse. However, have Justin Trudeau and Boris Johnson really proven themselves capable of fighting him?

Let’s not forget that most of our global elites can’t manage a lemonade stand. They’d rather laugh at their shirtless photos than do anything that could make life easier for those they claim to lead. I don’t like to hear about a bare-chested Putin, or fake-tough guy talk. I want solutions for inflation. I want to see more energy production. I want a foreign strategy that makes sense. This episode reveals that the G7 has been a joke for a long time.