Fox Reporters Expose KJP’s Absurd Answers, Leaving Her Red-Faced


The old saying goes, never engage in a battle of wits with no ammunition. Karine Jean Pierre is either unaware of this advice or ignores it deliberately.

On Monday morning, KJP decided to go head-to-head with Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy. And that was just the beginning.

Doocy began his conversation with Jean Pierre by asking Biden about how he felt regarding the upcoming strike of healthcare workers.

Since President Biden is a strong union supporter, does he have any problem with 75,000 healthcare workers quitting their jobs in the coming week?

KJP responded as she always has — by using the pre-rehearsed White House talk points.

I’ve said this many times today, but I will say it again: the President believes all workers, including those in healthcare and those who support them with their work deserve fair pay and benefits.

I must admit that, for instance, the Treasury Department released a report recently stating that unions and collective bargaining are good for economic growth in general and that they raise wages for all, whether or not you are a union member. This is something that I think is very important.

Doocy then hit KJP with a well-thrown right hook. He cleverly referenced Biden’s 12-minute photo stunt on the picket line with striking Michigan autoworkers. “Would (Biden) consider joining them if they went on strike?”

KJP’s game was over in a flash.

When we see collective bargaining of this kind, it helps our economy as a whole…not only for union members.

She did not answer the question.

Hillary Vaughn alias Mrs. Peter Doocy (also known by the name Mrs. Peter Doocy), a Fox News reporter, then attacked KJP over the ongoing Biden border crisis.

I have two questions regarding the border. Governor Kathy Hochul of New York claims that it is too open. Do you believe the President that the border has been left too open?

KJP responded with a full-blown Clown World.

Let me say this: The president presented an immigration reform piece all by himself without any help from Republicans. That piece has been around for almost three years. He has done three things to advance his plan.

Please note that your question did not ask you to comment on failed Biden legislation initiatives. Instead, it asked about the open borders.

She continued:

Without Republican assistance and with the use of deterrence, we have been able to remove or return over 250,000 people. For decades, we’ve increased the number of pathways.

We should also remember our diplomatic efforts with the region, including Mexico, to resolve this issue. This is not just a regional problem. It is a problem that is affecting illegal migration.

Let me put it this way… what a pile of dung. Biden deliberately created the border crises. Despite Biden’s and the administration’s lies to the contrary the border crisis continues to rage.

She humiliated herself even more by doubling back:

I’m saying that the president has done all he could to deal with the border without the help of Republicans. He was able to do this while Republicans tried to pass a CR to limit — remove federal agents from the border.

The president’s actions are a response to the problems he is facing. He has secured record funding for border agents and increased the number of federal agents to 25,000.

The truth is. Few Democrat politicians or their mouthpieces would be reelected, or even elected if they told the truth.

If Karine Jean-Pierre answered Hillary Vaughn honestly she would have said:

The answer to this question has already been given many times. President Obama will do whatever it takes to bring in as many illegal immigrants as possible, as long as they are legal.

In response to “Why?” she’d say:

Cheating is part of the Democrat Party‚Äôs overall electoral strategy. When cheating doesn’t work we’ll try changing the laws. And if that doesn’t help, and we don’t win all the elections nationally, we’ll continue to import what we think will be future Democrat voters.

We are creating a permanent majority of underclasses that will be dependent on federal governments, or the Democrat Party in our view.

You haven’t paid attention to the news in the last three years if you don’t agree with any of these statements.