Focus Group Stuns CBS News Host With Bipartisan Agreement on Nearly Every Issue


Moderator on CBS News’s Face the Nation, Margaret Brennan was stunned to learn that a bipartisan focus group agreed that woken policies were bad news.

Most issues were agreed upon by the focus group

What’s The Deal?

Brennan asked them what their biggest concern was regarding raising American children. It was far-left woke culture, they replied.

“All of these elementary and middle schools have woken to the LGBT+ culture sexual identity and gender. John, an American Republican, said that we should promote science, math, and social studies, not gender studies.”

Lashawn is a Democrat with eight children.

I also agree with some of his points.

Stephanie, an independent voter, replied “I agree.”

The group expressed concern over other issues, such as the economy.

Stephanie called the current economic situation “scary”, Lashawn called it “unstable”, and John called it “horrible”.

You need to adapt. Lashawn spoke out about high inflation and economic woes.

They expressed concern about crime, immigration, and the impact of COVID lockdown policies.

What Did Brennan Do?

The moderator was stunned at the group’s agreement despite their ideological differences.

Brennan said, “It is common for people from different parties to disagree when they do focus groups. ”

She said, “But I’m listening to you all echo many of the same concerns and agree with each other.” “None of you are very optimistic about the country right now.”