Florida State’s Star Quarterback Jordan Travis Suffers Horrific Leg Injury and Rushed to Hospital


Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis sustained a serious injury to his leg during Saturday’s game against North Alabama.

Travis was able to get a first down late in the quarter after he ran past a few North Alabama defenders.

The quarterback was battling for extra yards when his left leg got caught under a defender. This caused his ankle to twist in an awkward way.

Travis spiked the football to the ground and called trainers. He then rolled around in pain.

He was then carted away from the field with an air cast on his leg.

ESPN reported that Travis left his stadium in an ambulance.

Travis, who is a Heisman candidate, is a senior in his fifth year at Florida State. He has helped the team go from just five wins in 2021 to College Football Playoff consideration.

The Seminoles were trailing 13-0 when the injury occurred.

Travis completed 64.1% (or 2,735 yards) of his passes, resulting in 20 touchdowns, and only two interceptions.

Florida State’s hopes for the postseason are severely dampened by this injury. It’s difficult to imagine the Seminoles, ranked fourth in the nation, doing much damage without Travis.