Florida Principal Forced Out of Conservative School Over Michelangelo’s ‘David’ Art Lesson Uproar


After controversy over a Florida school lesson that revolved around Michelangelo’s “David” statue, a Florida principal was forced out of office.

Hope Carrasquilla, principal of Tallahassee Classical School, was apparently given the option of being fired or resigned following parents’ outrage over a recent art lesson. It included Michelangelo’s “David” statue as well as his “Creation of Adam” fresco painting.

Parents were unhappy that the March 17th 6th-grade art lesson included the nude Renaissance statue. According to the Tallahassee Democrat, one parent called the 16th-century sculpture “pornographic.”

Tallahassee Classical School established a rule that required teachers to give parents at least one week’s notice about lesson plans that included sensitive topics, words, or images. Parents can then decide whether their child wants to take part in the class.

Carrasquilla acknowledged that a notice should’ve been sent, but the letter was not delivered to parents because of a “series of miscommunications.”

Carrasquilla stated that one parent was “point blank upset” and that she felt her child shouldn’t be looking at those pieces.

Carrasquilla said that one parent was so upset she made the statement that it was inappropriate and should not happen. “The two other parents, once I called the art teacher, were grateful and said that they wish we had sent the letter.” The situation didn’t get resolved.

A few days later, the school held an emergency meeting where Carrasquilla, who had only been principal for a short time, was offered the chance to resign or be fired. Carrasquilla, who had been principal of the school for less than a year, decided to resign.

Carrasquilla stated that the art teacher who taught the controversial lesson was to write an apology letter to parents, but she was not disciplined either by Carrasquilla or the school board. Bishop stated that it was up to the new principal to decide if any discipline is taken against an art teacher.

HuffPost was informed by Bishop that although the controversy over nude sculptures wasn’t the only reason for the breakup with Carrasquilla, he didn’t address specific issues.

Carrasquilla stated, “Over the years, he didn’t like how I did, and didn’t do, certain items. At the beginning of the year, I was a new principal. “I didn’t know.”

Carrasquilla observed, “It saddens me that my time here had ended this way.”

Bishop accused Carrasquilla, of trying to “gin up lots of publicity” by making her situation public.

Bishop stated that remote learning allowed parents to see their children’s education from a distance during the pandemic.

Bishop stated that “Parental rights are more important than all other things.” “They were not happy with the woken indoctrination.”

Bishop stated, “We don’t use pronouns. We don’t teach CRT, and we don’t mention 1619 — these are inappropriate subjects for our children.”

Bishop stated, “Parents leave public schools because they don’t like what’s being taught there. Those parents come to our school because [it’s a] choice that they make.”

In 2017, the Tallahassee Classical School joined the Barney Charter School Initiative, a Hillsdale College outreach. Hillsdale College is a conservative Christian institution.

Carrasquilla mentioned that the lesson was part of an existing Hillsdale College curriculum.