First Transgender Lawmaker Arrested on Child Pornography Charges


Stacie Laughton was arrested for distributing child pornography. It is the first man to claim he’s a woman and become a lawmaker in the state. Who would have thought that someone who is immersed in sexual perversion, could do such a thing? No one on the Left would have predicted this, as they insist that transgenders are not crazy and are well-adjusted.

The Daily Wire reported on Friday that Stacie Marie Laughton – formerly Barry Charles Laughton Jr. – “is now facing 4 counts of distributing sexually revealing images of children.” John Cinelli, of the Nashua Police Department, said that officers spoke with parties who reported that Laughton had distributed sexually explicit pictures of children.

Laughton is famous for being elected twice to the New Hampshire State Legislature. He managed to hide the less-than-savory details of his past from New Hampshire voters for long enough to be elected the first time. He was then elected again. The Granite State voters seem to love this guy, but his record has many red flags. His hair is long, and he wants to be treated as a female despite the receding hairline.

Patch dutifully refers to Laughton as “she” and says he was “living in Laconia, New Hampshire, as a male.” But the truth is that he actually lives in Laconia, but he used to be a woman. Patch refers to Laughton with “she” and claims that he “lived in Laconia as a man” when in reality he lives as a woman and lived as such in 2008. Patch, despite Laughton’s mental illness and derangement being on full display, feeds Laughton’s destructive delusions pretending he is a female.

Laughton was first elected to the New Hampshire State Legislature in November 2012. By this time, he was apparently claiming to be a woman, as Patch notes that he was “the first transgender elected official in New Hampshire and one of only a handful across the United States at the time.” The Daily Wire says he was “the nation’s first transgender-identifying state lawmaker.” It was only after he was elected that Laughton’s “felony status and jail time came to light. Laughton resigned after talking to state Democrats and observing the media coverage.

The Patch reports that he was not out. “A few weeks later a special election was set, and Laughton registered to run again.” Officials determined that she was not eligible to hold public office according to state laws because she hadn’t completed her sentence. Her sentence included a 10-year good behavior clause and required restitution.

Laughton had not given up his dream of a career in politics despite publicly admitting to being mentally ill. Patch reports that it is strange that Laughton, after paying restitution for the 2008 fraud charge and fulfilling the good behavior clause, was allowed to run again for office in 2019. Yet, the clause for good behavior was ten years long, which Laughton could not have met, given his bomb threat from 2015. Laughton, however, was elected as a New Hampshire State Representative in 2020 and as a selectman for 2011, 2019, and 2021.

But the popular politician couldn’t stay on the right side of the law. In July 2021, he was arrested on seven counts of false information and accused of misusing the state’s 911 texting service. Patch reported that she said she was spoofed. He resigned after being arrested for stalking a woman again in Hudson.

We have the serial women’s baggage thief Sam Brinton, and now Stacie Laughton. No doubt there are countless others who will show us that men who think they’re females do not have sound minds. It is not acceptable to cater to their delusions. They shouldn’t be in positions that require responsibility. They should not be considered heroes or role models.