Feminine Hygiene Brand’s New Period Crunch Cereal Invites You to Eat a Uterus for Breakfast


Do you like any kind of cereal? If you love cereal you should get prepared to enjoy philanthropic delights.

According to the Daily Mail, there’s a bold new breakfast option on the table. It’s being blasted off. The ‘uterus-shaped cereal’ aims to encourage conversations about periods.

Intimina is a feminine care brand that created the raspberry-flavored “Period Crunch” to encourage family members to discuss menstruation at breakfast.

It’s a delicious treat for those who enjoy it. Every brightly colored piece “resembles the entire female reproductive system.”

Known for such products as the Ziggy Cup reusable menstrual cup, the KegelSmar exerciser, and the Laselle pelvic-floor training ball, Intimina laments that conversations concerning menstruation haven’t yet been “normalized.” With Period Crunch, the company intends to remove the barrier and replace it with enlightenment.

And what better way to urge acceptance of something than to have people eat it? You may recall how Frosted Flakes normalized the undependable elderly.

Mail clearly states that de-marginalizing menses is a requirement.

A survey of more than 2,000 people was conducted by the company and revealed that 48% of girls and women are embarrassed to discuss their periods.

Nearly half the women have been period-shamed.

Conversations are not as tense now as they were in the past. One leader from around the world is trying to get paid-leave work.

The cereal campaign follows after Spain became the first European nation to offer unlimited, free menstrual leave to women in pain last week.

Intimina’s Danela Zigar still calls for a reprieve from oppression.

“Because of the stigma surrounding menstruation, it can be difficult for loved ones to have a discussion about periods with them. Period conversations would not be allowed at this table or at any other table.

There is more to the store than dynamic dialogue. Wheat cereal clearly colored to color your water is both delicious and educational.

Period Crunch’s Box contains a diagram showing the female reproductive system to assist in education.

King’s College Hospital Gynecologist, Dr. ShreeData is one of the most passionate:

“It was a joy that Intimina took the bull at the horns and created Period Crunch to bring awareness about the stigma around periods. It is concerning that so few people feel comfortable talking about periods when they are an integral part of our normal health”.


Will you soon have a box in hand? The cereal is not a must-eat, it’s free! Although the box won’t be available in supermarkets, people can request one free of charge by contacting the Swedish company.

This is not only for you but also for your guests if Aunt Flo and Cousin red are coming to visit. Period Crunch is a great snack option. You might be able to have it only for a few days each month.

While it’s wonderful to see women receive the respect and attention they deserve, I’d prefer that Intimina does not become a new trend.

Let’s hope that Kix, Count Chocula doesn’t change its name to promote prostate health in a limited edition way.