Female Democratic Pollster Nonchalant About Boxing a Transwoman


Elizabeth Spiers was trying to make a statement on Twitter. She is a Democrat pollster who also writes op-eds for The New York Times. She was trying to prove that biological men can compete in women’s sports. The Daily Caller reports that Spiers responded to a comment made by a user known as WomenAreReal in a thread on the topic. This is a part of the conversation:

Spiers: Protect Female Sports’ is a conservative statement when used against transgender people, and has nothing to do with feminism.

WomenAreReal – How can ‘protecting female sports’ be a conservative message?

Spiers: Liberals deny trans women as women

Spiers responded:

Twitter then did what it does so well, and that is to take the entire conversation for a spin. Responses included:

So you accept? You will have to accept that the competitor has never boxed before and also had the same amount of training as you.

I agree with almost everything you said and with your principle. Maybe boxing should just accept it. But in a combat sport like boxing, you wouldn’t do it and a transgender woman would not either, because of the possible harm.

Please, no bare knuckles. You will also be required to sign a waiver of all claims in relation to the inevitable grotesque beating you are going to experience.

Are you that stupid/ignorant/foolish? The male body is 160 percent heavier than the female’s. The world of boxing has said it is dangerous! Male boxers have said they will not fight trans men for fear of being accused as man killers. Do your research.

How can it be fair that men, regardless of their gender, take women’s place in sports?

Set. It. Up.

Then there was an interesting comment made by someone who has transitioned.

I’m a post-op. I had GRS and 30 years of HRT. That didn’t change my heart/lung capacities or upper body strength. I will not compete against or with females because I have an enormous physical advantage. Male puberty. You have the audacity to think you can beat me.

WomenAreReal responded by posting a chart that showed all the differences in performance, functionality, and physical characteristics between men and women. Don’t buy the pay-per-view yet. Speirs has not yet put her money behind her tweet. She clarified what she “really meant” by the tweet. “Allen, please read my QT.” I’m definitely not boxing anyone lol. I don’t believe boxing should exist because I think CTE exists and nobody should do it.” She continues, “You miss my point about CTE and boxing.” I don’t do anything that could cause someone to hit my head.

CTE is an acronym for “chronic traumatic encephalopathy,” which is a condition that may be caused by repeated blows to the head.

You should definitely avoid head blows. We can all agree that. The conversation was not about CTE. The conversation was about men who are biologically male and participating in female sports. Speirs, once she realized that she had fallen and slipped in it, retreated into her corner in order to give up the fight without looking like she did. Left-wing classic dodge. Argument your truth until you realize that it’s not true. Change the topic and leave. We all know the result of this match.