FBI Raid on Trump Has Awakened the Sleeping Giant


Kicking a metaphorical sleeping giant is not a smart idea.

Raiding the private home of President Donald Trump was like kicking that sleeping giant. If people weren’t already fired up to come out to kick the Democrats out, this just made them more energized to do so.

A new Trafalgar Group/Convention of States Action poll taken after the raid shows that it has increased the motivation to vote especially among Republicans and independents, with most believing that the raid was politically motivated.

83.3% of Republicans said that it had increased motivation to vote in November.

71.7% of independents said that it had improved their motivation.

Independents and Republicans both believed it was politically motivated.

76.7% believe that Trump’s political enemies are behind the raid.

53.9 percent of independent voters support this sentiment.

It’s not about Trump’s raid. The FBI has seized a cellphone belonging to a member of Congressman Scott Perry (R.PA) in front of his family. Kevin McCarthy, Republican House Leader, sent a warning message to Merrick Garland: “Preserve your Documents.” According to reports, the FBI visited Pennsylvania and issued subpoenas for Republican legislators. This is another alarming act by the FBI that seems out of control.

Many believe Democrats have politicized the FBI. They believe they will do whatever it takes for control. They think this threatens the Republic’s very nature, which is founded on equal law application.

President of Convention of States Action Mark Meckler stated in a statement that “This gesso-style injustice caused a voter surge so significant that the polling doesn’t even begin to reflect what’s happening from grassroots voters during November.”