Fani Willis Lashes Out as Jim Jordan Threatens Contempt Over Missing Documents


As we have reported, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is facing a variety of investigations/complaints.

The House Judiciary Committee is investigating the use of federal grant funds by her office with a $488,00 grant. A whistleblower reportedly alleged misuse of the federal grant funds for “frivolous, unrelated expenses,” including allegedly using it for Mac books…swag…travel. Willis was terminated after the whistleblower spoke with him.

The House Judiciary Committee has been pursuing Willis since last year to get documents and communications about this case. Jordan had received some documents that Willis had turned in but said she hadn’t given any documents related to the allegations of the whistleblower. He also chastised Willis for attacking her in her letter. Willis is just too talkative. In his March 14 letter, Jordan also said that three weeks had gone by where she hadn’t provided anything and demanded that she turn over the documents/information they were looking for by March 28, or they would consider contempt proceedings.

Willis has responded, but it is typical for Willis to throw tantrums with little substance.

Cohen received a letter from you dated March 14, 2024. In the letter, Cohen wrote: “I categorically deny the claim that our office failed to respond to the subpoena issued by the Committee on February 2, 2024.”

You noted that we had already provided you with substantial information regarding the federal grant-funded programs. The office is working hard to provide you with information about our federal grant funding.

She says that she has provided extensive information about programs funded by federal grants. Jordan asked where the documents related to the topic were. She is not showing good faith by giving him documents that don’t pertain to his request.

Willis said that Jordan’s demand was “unreasonable and uncustomary” and would force our government office to divert resources away from its primary purpose, which is to prosecute crimes.

This is her MSNBC interview. She acts like she has been unfairly treated and screams racism when she is allegedly not complying with a whistleblower’s report from one of her former employees.

“My staff, my family, and I have been repeatedly targeted by racist, violent attacks.” “The letter stated that these threats, nor anything you say or do or what your colleagues or I may say or think will stop us from taking this case to court.”

Judge McAfee has warned her about previous public statements. He won’t be happy with this one. This is just a distraction from her concerns over the matter Jordan is investigating.