Eric Swalwell Faces a Barrage of Criticism from Ben Shapiro in Heated ‘Project 2025’ Debate


I am a huge fan of Eric Swalwell. He’s not the smartest person or the best at his job, but I like him because he is the exact opposite of all those things. He constantly embarrasses him with his self-owns and doesn’t appear to care.

Swalwell used to be a regular guest on the Tucker Carlson Show on Fox News. Carlson would ask him to appear and he would, for some reason, oblige. Swalwell must have had calluses on his face from taking so many rakes. He eventually stopped appearing.

Swalwell has moved on after his appearance on Tucker. He appeared on CNN and MSNBC, and he cultivated his reputation as a guest who was always available to Chris Matthews. Swalwell denied passing gas. The forensic audiologists spent days working on the tape and convinced the world that it was just a cup of coffee sliding across the desk.

Sure, Eric.

He was caught in a humiliating reveal. It was this time his affair with FangFang, a commie spy. It seemed that Eric had been hooking up with FangFang, but he was not compromised. He was not compromised, sir. The FBI confirmed it.

Eric positioned himself and pulled out his rakes to use at a hearing on Wednesday concerning “media collusion”. The spy who shook me was ready to use more gardening tools on the melon. Swalwell went toe-to-toe with Ben Shapiro, tit for tut. Eric the Dead’s day didn’t turn out well.

Swalwell painted himself into a corner by trying to paint Shapiro. Swalwell, rake in hand focused on Project 2025. He claimed that Trump supported it:

Trump said in a recent statement that he had no idea about the incident until someone mentioned it.

I don’t know anything about Project 2025…I do not know who is behind it. I don’t agree with everything they say, and some things are ridiculous and awful. “I wish them good luck in whatever they do. But I am not involved with them.”

Swalwell was not deterred by the facts and thought that he could get Shapiro to give him details. The commie spy-shagger’s day did not turn out well.

Swalwell discussed Project 2025 with Shapiro. Shapiro prepared himself with wit and facts. Swalwell was not.

Swalwell, who cited Project 2025 as a term that has been Googled the most in recent times, said:

“It’s important that you are here as one the leading conservative voices of the country.”

Then he asked Shapiro,

What about banning abortion pills? This is part of Project 2025. “Do you support this part?”


“I am a pro-lifer, and I don’t support the distribution of abortion pills.”

Swalwell then threw his haymaker, which he believed to be:

You did say that homosexuality is a sin because you found receipts.


“Yes, you found out that I am a Jew.”

Swalwell continued to throw on more left:

“And you said that I may have the desire to sleep with a lot of women, but not me.”


“I am with you.”

Swalwell asked Shapiro if he was a Project 2025 backer. Shapiro destroyed Swalwell’s narrative. He replied:

Project 2025 is a project that I’ve not studied very deeply, like President Trump. But it appears that Democrats in this committee are similar to Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. They can make their presidential candidate come back to life by saying Project 2025 loudly enough.

Swalwell slapped a rake in his face and listed some of the things in Project 2025 with which he agreed.

Shapiro told him, “Congratulations on your new Republican status.”

Swalwell replied, “My parents would have been proud.”