Emotional Kentucky Gov. Beshear Asks for Prayer, Stating He Knows Louisville Bank Shooting Victims Personally


Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear stated that he knew at most some of the victims of the Louisville bank collapse personally as he asked for prayers on Monday.

According to the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department, there were five victims and six others injured in a shooting that occurred at around 8:30 AM local time in a building housing an Old National Bank branch. According to authorities, the gunman was one of the victims.

“This is awful,” Beshear said at a press conference. “I have a very close friend that didn’t make it today. And I have another close friend who didn’t either. And one who’s at the hospital that I hope is going to make it through.”

According to the governor, one of the two injured officers was currently undergoing surgery.

“And so, I hope all those brave officers who stepped into the fire because they were worried about one another will reach out to help them when they need it. “Beshear stated that she hoped that all those bank employees and people in that building would be able to reach out for help. “And my AG campaign was in that building. It was home to almost everyone. That’s my bank.”

“I hope they all reach out to me and get the help they need.” “The governor stated that there are many people who are in pain today.” “If we can find a place for our energy to be focused, it would be to surround them with the love, compassion, and support that we have shown one another.” “I want people to know that, while today was a terrible act, I believe this community is safe with officers doing their best every day.” “That’s what we saw here.”

Beshear tweeted earlier: “Please pray for all the families affected and for the City of Louisville.”

Louisville Deputy Chief Paul Humphrey stated that officers arrived on the scene within three minutes and found the suspect still firing gunshots. The suspect was eventually killed at the scene after officers exchanged gunshots.

Humphrey stated that police are still trying to determine if the suspect was shot by themselves or died in an accident. During the gunfire, at least two officers were killed. Humphrey stated that police believe there was a “lone gunman” who had a connection to the bank.