Eco-Terrorists “Just Stop Oil” Escalate Attacks With New Clown Tactic


Members of “Just Stop Oil”, who are a group that has been escalating its tactics, committed eco-terrorism by smashing an expensive painting with a hammer.

The two “protesters”, who entered the National Gallery of London on Monday, walked up to “The Rokeby Venus”, a painting from the mid-17th century by Diego Velazquez. The two “protesters” then began to smash the glass covering the painting, causing it to shatter in multiple places. Curators then removed the artwork to inspect it for any damage.

According to the National Gallery, both attackers were arrested. This raises the question as to why security did not intervene. This is a very common occurrence, given the number of attacks that have occurred before this incident. The Europeans seem to be content with the destruction of their culture through their misguided leniency towards those who openly mock democracy.

They don’t give a damn about what the people want. They are tyrants, who will do anything to get what they want. Warning signs are everywhere, but governments do not seem to be taking them seriously.

What would you do to stop this? A good start would be to have security ready to confront anyone who attempts to desecrate an art piece. They should then be arrested and sent to prison for several months. People are discouraged from criminal activity when you enforce real consequences.

How do I know this? The few times “Just Stop Oil’ protesters were thrown in jail, the situation de-escalated. Two men were sent to prison when, in the UK, protesters tied a banner and scaled Dartford Crossing. Have you ever seen this happen? When it comes to smashing or smashing priceless art with hammers or pouring tomato sauce on them, the enforcement seems to be lax.

Stop this now before “Just Stop Oil”, which currently uses explosives, switches to hammers. This is the current progression.