Easter Bunny Whisks Biden Away As He Starts Discussing Afghanistan


As President Biden was answering questions about Afghanistan and Pakistan by a reporter, Monday afternoon saw a person wearing an Easter Bunny costume.

Thomas C. Dillon was a former political advisor to U.K Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He shared a clip on Monday.

Biden was seen talking to a reporter as the White House Easter Egg Roll was in progress.

“Pakistan shouldn’t, and Afghanistan should …” President Biden can heard saying before the “Easter Bunny”.

“Oh, the Easter Bunny!” Off-camera, you can hear someone saying it.

As Biden is clearly upset, the Easter Bunny waves to him and gives him a big wave. According to reports, he was required to start another round of egg-rolling competition with a whistle.

Dillon tweeted, “Joe Biden was quickly interrupted by Easter Bunny after starting to comment on #Afghanistan at the White House #EasterEggRoll.”