Donald Trump Punches Back With ‘Witch Hunt’ Videos and a Huge Announcement


Donald Trump continues to be hounded by the two-tiered legal system, but he fights back with video evidence of prosecutorial bias. Trump is currently in New York to take depositions in civil cases against him, following the unprecedented raid at his Mar-a-Lago residence on Monday. But they won’t be able to get much.

Trump uploaded three videos to his Truth Social account shortly before Wednesday’s scheduled deposition. They point out Letisha James in the videos. On the promise that Donald Trump would be her opponent, the New York attorney general ran for office.

After Trump had arrived at James’s “plush” office, he made a statement stating that he would invoke the Fifth Amendment right to remain anonymous.

Trump posted these three videos Wednesday to highlight James, who is currently being investigated in New York for another legal witch hunt against him. As she ran for New York attorney general, James repeatedly promised to “get” Trump. Before being elected, she said that “we’re going to sue him”, and that they’d be “a real pain in our asses”. She also says that Trump is “what fuels my soul.”

These videos represent a compilation of clips from the campaign trail, where James pledged to prosecute Trump for any information she could find.

James’ office is conducting a civil investigation into Trump Organization in an effort to determine whether Trump and his company have improperly inflated the value of assets in financial statements to obtain tax benefits.

Trump wrote on Truth Social that he was at the “very plush, beautiful and expensive A.G.’s office.” It’s nice to work in such a safe environment, even though people are being killed all over New York. She also spends her time trying to ‘get Trump’.

On Truth Social, the former president made a statement about depositions, witch hunt and invoking his 5th Amendment privilege.

Trump stated that Letitia James opened her campaign on the policy “Get and Destroy Trump.” Later, he claimed that she had “colluded” with others to execute this phony, long-running crusade that cost taxpayers countless dollars. He also said that what Letitia has done in the past three years was a disgrace for the legal system.

Trump then delivered the punch: He invoked his Fifth Amendment privilege to remain silent.

He wrote that he once asked, “If you’re innocent, why are you taking up the Fifth Amendment?” That question is now answered by me. You have no other choice than to be the victim of a politically motivated Witch Hunt against your family and your company.

Trump claimed that America is becoming a banana republic.