Donald Trump: Imperfect, Yet Seen as Our Last Hope


A global war is looming. The abandonment of the petrodollar by all countries. A border that is gangrene. Subversion of sovereignty by the WHO’s “pandemic agreement.”

The American experiment, if we read the tea leaves, is unlikely to survive four more years of controlled destruction under the current management. We’re rapidly approaching existential, the Death-Star-is-now-operational territory.

There is only one viable candidate for president, despite his flaws, and there is only one political party behind him that has the will and capability to make a difference.

I have never, nor am I now, been a Trump sycophant or lackey.

The record shows that I wished for a leader who would continue and expand on the Trump legacy, without the baggage of MAGA’s founder. Ironically, for this, I was called a Never Trumper. This lesson is that you cannot win by pandering to any faction. Tribal loyalty can be a blinder to nuance.

Unfortunately, there is no viable alternative. It was perhaps a naive expectation in the beginning since politicians are by nature cowardly followers who have their fingers in the air. They care more about how to serve their donors, fatten up their wallets, and advance their careers than they do about genuinely held principles.

Donald Trump is now the only candidate left in the primary. Nikki Haley has no grassroots support and was created by a superficial donor. The primary has been over for all practical purposes and was arguably done before it even started. Even if Trump ends up in jail at convention time, his nomination will still stand. This train is unstoppable.

We are witnessing a political battle on two fronts.

It will probably come down to Trump and Biden in the general election unless the Democrats replace their candidate with someone more fresh, diverse, or a newer strategy.

If/when Trump defeats the election interference, the Deep State will run — this is a big “if/when” that shouldn’t be overlooked — the next front will be the battle for influence in the Trump White House, between the true America First class and the neocon Establishment Class. They will infiltrate him if they cannot keep him from the presidency.

Trump’s biggest error last time was allowing him to be surrounded by people like his nepotistic in-law Jared Kushner and CIA snoop Mike Pompeo. He also surrounded himself with Goldman Sachs banker Steve Mnuchin. He needs more Steve Bannon, Gen. Michael Flynns, and corporate state Judases in his inner circle.