Disruptive Leftist Protesters Sing Miley Cyrus Song and Vandalize Bible to Interrupt Free Speech Event


In an unsuccessful attempt to cancel a New York State free speech event earlier this week, crazed radicals used a range of tactics.

Turning Point USA speaker Ian Haworth was scheduled for a presentation Tuesday night at the State University of New York in Albany on the importance of free speech at college campuses. A mob of leftist maniacs stormed the building to disrupt the presentation, as is the case with such events.

Haworth said that the leftists tried to use “the heckler’s veto” by clapping and singing a variety of hackneyed slogans. Many of these included superfluous swear words:

  • “F*** you, fascists!”
  • “No cops, no KKK, no TPUSA!”
  • “This is free speech!”
  • “Trans rights are human rights!”
  • “F*** Ian!”
  • “Ian’s worthless!”

The radicals also surrounded the attendees waving signs and sometimes giving the middle finger. The vulgar gestures, signs, and chants became a full-body experience. At one point, at least one person began to perform an interpretive dance. Others started skipping in unison before the camera and others joined the conga line.

A few people grabbed a piece of Turning Point’s free pizza, while others sang along to Miley Cyrus’ mega-hit “Party in the U.S.A.”

Haworth joked on Twitter that “Nothing like Miley bringing home the baby”.

Security managed to redirect Haworth and College Republicans, who were hosting the event, into another room. Haworth delivered his speech in a calm environment. However, agitators could continue shouting from nearby.

“Our constitutional obligation, even when speech fundamentally contradicts our core values is a pillar in our democratic system,” SUNY Albany stated in a statement. We are equally committed to creating an environment where all students feel safe, and included, and where their right to protest is protected.

Haworth stated elsewhere that Haworth’s views might be “offensive” or “objectionable”, but maintained that the school would uphold its “commitment of freedom of expression.”

Haworth was even more firm in his condemnation of the behavior of leftists. He stated, “College is where freedom of speech dies.” “Don’t allow the bullies in the minority to silence you.”

Despite the fact that no one was injured in the chaos, it appeared that at least one Bible had been desecrated by the mob.

Two of the mob members were only arrested and ticketed, the school stated. They “repeatedly attempted to gain access into an area that was closed for this event,” it said.