Disney’s New VP of Media Relations Is a Biden Devotee


Few people will be able to blame you for not knowing the name Remi Yamamoto. She wasn’t one of the people on Joe Biden’s staff who spent much time in front of you, but you were witness to her work.

And you’re going to see a lot more of it as she has left the world of politics in order to dive into the world of politics with Disney’s logo slapped on it.

According to Variety, Yamamoto has been hired by the House of Mouse to be their VP of Media Relations for its television division:

Yamamoto, who will be based in Los Angeles, will report directly to Naomi Bulochnikov Paul, executive vice president of publicity and director of communications at Disney Entertainment Television.

Disney reports that Yamamoto, who was previously a senior advisor to the White House Chief of Staff and a special assistant to President Biden, will now be responsible for creating cross-brand messaging strategies and communications for Disney Entertainment Television executives in ABC Entertainment, ABC News and ABC Owned Television Stations as well as Disney Branded Television and Disney Television Studios. He will also work closely with brand publicity leaders across the business.

Yamamoto would be a good choice for Disney. The company has been so politicized over the last decade that it is now more of a leftist propaganda outlet than it was before. The new VP for Media Relations is one of Biden’s most senior aides. She has been with the organization longer than Jen Psaki and Karine Jean Pierre.

People Magazine did a puff-piece on Yamamoto in March last year. Yamamoto was an integral part of Joe Biden’s campaigns and the daily operations at the White House.

Yamamoto, who was Biden’s right-hand man from the beginning of his campaign in April 2019, witnessed all of the highs and the lows during the election cycle. She was featured in Vogue and then honored by Forbes on its 30 Under 30 list. She played a crucial role in the development of strategies that earned Biden victory over Donald Trump.

Bruce Reed, deputy chief of staff at the White House, says that “we wouldn’t have been here without her.” He notes that she has “worked hard” for four years.

Yamamoto was a key player behind the scenes in the West Wing, acting as a top advisor for communications to the White House chief staff and senior officials. She participated in policy discussions within the administration, sometimes even contributing her own ideas. She also played a key role in promoting transparency in government by allowing media access to Biden’s inner circle.

Yamamoto has been described by her friends as being “unflinchingly faithful” to the Biden Administration.

Now she is working for Disney, where she will be managing a tumbling television empire. RedState last reported that Disney was selling off a number of its television properties including ABC, FX, and Freeform. These problems are on top of the many other issues that Disney is facing, such as a failing streaming service or disappointing box office results.

Disney’s stock price has dropped 56 percent since March 22, 2022, reflecting the fact that the public has less confidence in its products.

Disney’s politicization of its content has cost the company a large part of its audience. Bringing in someone who has spent the past few years generating talking points and excuses for a radical, leftist administration is a sure sign that Disney does not plan to reverse its course and will instead continue making excuses.

Yamamoto’s not the first Democrat Disney has hired. Disney hired Kristina Schack, a long-time Democrat comms executive and global communications vice president in April 2022.

Disney appears to be determined to dig deeper into its ideological hole with each new hire.