Did Google Back Out Of Sponsoring A Drag Event?


It’s not uncommon to feel a bit down when you spend so much time scrolling through affronts to the Republic. You may feel that every story you read in your daily news scroll is like a piece *ahem* of feces floating around in your punchbowl.

I decided to write to Andrew Klavan a few days ago because I was feeling depressed by the constant drumbeat of despair. You sometimes need to speak to someone who has more experience and age than you. There aren’t that many older people in my life.

In a rather self-pitying e-mail, I asked him if I had made any progress or if I just wasted everyone’s precious time. Klavan replied by cuffing my head and saying, “Hey Lincoln.” He told me to “Cowboy up pal” and reminded me that we live in a fallen society, where the Left has been able to mess things up for more than 50 years. He said that it would take longer than a few months to correct or save the ship. He also noted that recent events have shifted in favor of conservatives, so it’s not all bad news. If the Great Google blinks, then something is going right.

The tech giant was celebrating Pride. Google sponsored the “Pride and Drag Show” to cap off the Month of Rainbows. The show featured Peaches Christ as the star. Peaches Christ, it seems, is a popular drag performer for those who are interested in such things. The event was scheduled for a bar in San Francisco called Beaux. Let’s recap quickly: Google sponsored a drag show at a bar located in San Francisco. Who would have had the courage to take on Goliath as David? This is a social suicide run.

Someone did get up. In fact, hundreds of people decided to take a stand. CNBC reports that a group of Google employees signed a letter stating the performance “sexualizes” and disrespects Christian colleagues. CNBC reported that a group of Google employees signed a petition stating the performance “sexualizes and disrespects Christian co-workers.” They were certainly “encouraged” to attend the office gathering.

Google did not say if the petition was a factor in the decision. It instead claimed that the event planners did not follow the proper protocol for a company outing. But at the risk of engaging in post hoc ergo propter hoc, the fact is that people were brave enough to object on religious grounds. And Google backed off. Some employees groused that the complaints were, according to CNBC, “subjective and feed into political culture wars.” Others were irked that by removing the event, Google caved to pressure from the petitioners because as we all know, the only time one can cave to pressure is when it comes from the Left. I guess entitlement is one of the employee benefits at Alphabet.

Klavan was correct, and I owe a scotch to him. It will take some time to heal the multitude of socio-economic STDs which have plagued the nation for years. It is a matter of inches but it is possible. No matter who we send into Congress, or who wins the fight to be behind the Resolute Desk, ordering movies in flight on Air Force One – the change is in the hands of the people on the ground, the people who will take the heat to win.