Did Biden Plagiarize His Ground Zero Remark?


Joe Biden, as we reported on Monday, made an unbelievable claim during his 9/11 remarks in Alaska.

He spent the majority of the day in Vietnam. This included smiling under the bust of Ho Chi Minh and visiting a Vietnamese memorial to John McCain’s capture. Then he arrived in Alaska and claimed to have been to Ground Zero on the day following the attack. We explained that this was not true. All kinds of evidence show that he was there the next day. His autobiography also confirms this.

Why would he invent such an unbelievable and false story? Maybe to compensate for the criticism that he wasn’t at the sites of the attacks on the anniversary. These “tall stories” usually come out when he is challenged.

There could be another explanation. Biden’s claim that he was standing at Ground Zero the next morning is similar to Hillary Clinton’s “Gates of Hell”, which she described at the 2004 DNC Convention. She was at Ground Zero, not Joe Biden.

Click to see the entire tweet:

As a senator from New York, I witnessed first-hand 9/11’s devastation. Ground Zero was my first stop after the attack. It felt like I stood at the Gates of Hell. I hope that no American will ever have to see a scene like that again. This tragedy has changed us all. It changed me.

Joe Biden’s Monday speech is summarized below.

We are all those lives that were taken too soon by evil. Ground Zero, New York. I remember standing in the same place the following day and staring at the building. It looked like the gates of hell. I was so horrified by the view.

Biden stole not only the phrase “standing there” and the date but also the quote about the “Gates of Hell”.

Martha McCallum, Fox’s Martha McCallum, asked NSC spokesperson John Kirby if Biden’s false statement that he was there the next day and if it was “a mistake.” Kirby, however, was so sly that he refused to admit it was a lie or that it was a mistake. Watch him twist to try and justify Biden’s falsehood. He claims that Biden only attributed the visit “a little earlier” than when it actually occurred.

He said he would be there the following day and he wasn’t. Kirby cannot make it seem true when it isn’t. It does not make it true that the man went more than one week later. Imagine being so naive that you would try to spin such a lie. Kirby has no sense of shame.

Joe Biden must have accidentally copied the words from all of the other incidents. Just last week, we wrote about an incident that occurred when he served as a senator. He was forced to withdraw from the 1988 presidential election for fabricating similar things. In this case, he took not only British politician Neil Kinnock’s words, but also his history. Biden claimed that he had been “the first person in his family to ever go to university”, even though Joe Biden’s grandfather went to college. I am sure that he would have been able to do the same thing with Hillary’s words.

How low can Biden get when he says something like that about 9/11?