Democrats Desperate: Resort to Extreme Tactics on Abortion as Economy and Immigration Fail


The Democrats’ attempts to remove Donald Trump, the former president of the United States, from the ballot by perverting justice is understandable. Conservatives are outraged by the obvious election interference, and Democrats place a great deal of hope in November on this.

This sham jurisprudence is just one part of Dems’ strategy for 2024. Their other strategy is to gleefully celebrate abortion.

In the Clinton 90s, Democrats claimed that they were in favor of abortion, but only if it was “safe, legal and rare.” Today, if any Dem candidate said that, they would be called reactionaries and people in “The Handmaid’s Tale’ costumes would protest.

In the Morning Briefing on Wednesday, I said that I suspected that the Democrats knew that a conviction in the highly corrupt Manhattan show trial would not really weaken Trump. This could be the most pyrrhic of victories.

The abortion ghouls, if the lawfare attack on Trump does not yield the desired results, will be placed at the top of The New York Times or The Washington Post until the next election.

In the Opinion section, Wednesday’s New York Times, this disgusting headline was featured: “In Florida Democrats Hope Abortion Revives Their Fortunes.” This piece shows how far away the Dems in 2024 are from being “safe, rare, and legal.”

The New York Times

In the windowless conference of an old Hyatt, a group Florida Democrats were far more sober. Florida may be known as a state of careless hedonism, family fun and stag parties. But Democrats are working this summer on a serious plan to save the Florida Democratic Party.

Nikki Fried, Florida’s last Democrat to be elected to a statewide position, over a half-decade ago as Agriculture Commissioner, dug her heels in the carpeted flooring. The women will get us out,” said Fried, who is now Florida’s Democratic Party Chair, to a group of women candidates for the statehouse.

The event was hosted by pro-abortion group Ruth’s List. The article claims that the mood at the gathering was somber. However, the first photo shows Ruth’s List CEO Christina Diamond, Nikki Fried and Michigan Secretary of state Jocelyn Benson as well as a Florida House candidate cackling.

What a great idea, ladies!

They were really having a blast:

The event at times resembled a pep-rally. Christina Diamond, Ruth’s List’s Chief Executive, said to the crowd at a formal dinner the following night where Democrats raised funds for candidates throughout the state, “When abortion’s on the ballot we win.”

A super PAC that supports abortion is trying to bring the Democrats back into the majority of the House of Representatives.

The Wall Street Journal

WASHINGTON – The super PAC that supports Democrats in their bid to regain the majority of the House has launched a $100-million fund to support abortion rights. This is the latest indication that the party will be focusing heavily on this issue to counter concerns over the economy and immigration policies.

In a letter to donors, House Majority PAC outlined its Reproductive Freedom Accountability fund, which, it claimed, will be used in swing districts throughout the country for voter mobilization and advertising.

The Democratic money people are aware that their candidates cannot win the most important battles, due to Joe Biden’s bleak economy and the national security crisis on the border. They’re left with scaring voters by spreading euphemistic lies about “reproductive health” and “reproductive rights.”

As far as I’m concerned, the Democrats’ gleeful support of abortion is the most disheartening indication that the Republic is seriously in decline. There are others, but I think this one is the most disheartening.

Right-wingers have suggested since 2022 that the GOP should soften its position on abortion. It is widely believed that the Dobbs case is the reason why the Republican Red Wave of the midterms was a failure.

I have never subscribed to that argument and written extensively about it. This is the issue where conservative Republicans should be most concerned and work to prevent the Uniparty becoming a reality. Many will say that it is already the case, but it is not.

To me, it is absurd to think that Republican women living in flyover countries would be cheering on Planned Parenthood inwardly. Republican candidates should not abandon their staunch prolife values to chase a demographic that may or might not exist.

It is impossible to win the battle for the future of America without drawing lines in the sand. The Dems already have theirs.

It’s very creepy.