Democratic Leader’s Demonizing Americans Who Believe in Pro-Life


Democrats are looking to use the leakage of SCOTUS draft opinions in order to rally their base to get them out voting in November.

They also show Americans how extreme they are in this manner. Joe Biden claimed that the “MAGA”, group was America’s most extreme, but he didn’t seem to realize that he had just demonized millions in a “deplorable” moment. This is very similar to the actions Hillary Clinton took during her race against Donald Trump.

Now, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), the chair of the House Democratic Caucus and the guy who wants to succeed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), just attacked the Supreme Court and called people who supported the pro-life position a “cult.”

“You stand on the side of the Constitution,” Jeffries said. “Or you stand on the side of the cult which wants to impose its values on the rest of us.” He also attacked the Court calling it “radical.”

He called prolifers in their thousands a “cult.” You don’t help the cause of voting in November by creating a list with people you don’t agree with.

Jeffries is doing the same thing as Joe Biden: he attacks the Court’s expected decision rather than accepting it. The decision would let citizens decide in their own states. This is exactly what Jeffries claims.

Let’s talk now about extremes and their attempts to “impose” their values upon us.

Leftists are trying to intimidate Supreme Court justices so they will vote their way. Intimidating a justice at the courthouse, or at their residence to change their mind is not allowed.

Leftists are also attacking the justices for their religion and planning on invading churches to scream and harass people during services, starting on Mother’s Day. Democrats have not condemned this. The White House explicitly refused to condemn going to the justices’ homes. Do Democrats think this is going to go over well with most Americans or the critical independent vote they need?

Who are the cults? Why are they trying to make people do the things they want?