Democratic Congressman in Panic Mode Urges RFK Jr.’s Running Mate to Withdraw from Race


Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s choice of entrepreneur Nicole Shanahan to be his running mate has sent Democrats into panic, and rightfully so. Kennedy, instead of choosing a moderate or centrist conservative to form a strong ticket, chose a radical socialist, which would only make the ticket attractive to progressives who don’t want Joe Biden. This choice would alienate conservatives who were considering supporting Kennedy as a viable alternative to Donald Trump in November.

The panic and despair continue. Ro Khanna, a California Democrat, is asking Shanahan to step aside. He’s worried that the independent ticket could be a spoiler and lead Donald Trump to victory.

Khanna, in a letter shared by CBS News, wrote: “While I respect the rights of third parties to run for office and I fully support the right to do so, I’m deeply concerned that Robert F. Kennedy being on the ballot could tip the election Donald Trump’s way.” He cited recent surveys that showed President Trump’s ratings improved when Kennedy and other third-party candidates were included.

Khanna continued, “Even Trump and members of his team have admitted that an RFK Jr. campaign will help his reelection.” While you may disagree with the Democratic Party platform, it’s clear that a second Trump term would be disastrous for the climate and undo President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act. This is the most significant step Congress has ever taken in the United States to combat climate change and clean energy.

Shanahan wasn’t amused.

“In our conversation, Ro congratulated and encouraged me in my decision to run for office. He said that all Americans have the right to do so. He said that he believes in democracy and that it is wrong to intimidate me. She wrote this in a tweet on X/Twitter.

“Ro’s stance has changed due to pressure from the Party. I hope that he realizes how anti-democratic this is to ask someone if they want to leave a race where the American people are empowered to make their own decisions. I’m very disappointed that this letter was sent to me in public. He could have contacted me privately. “He has my direct number,” she said.

Khanna responded to this in a blog post on X by showing a screenshot from a text he had sent to Shanahan. He added, “Nicole is entitled to be on the ticket.” I have told her, both publicly and in private, that RFK’s ticket is a threat to the issues she cares most about — like climate change and abortion rights. And to welcome her to the Democratic Party.

Do you think that helped? It didn’t.

Kennedy thanked his running mate. He replied on X/Twitter: “I’m grateful for your grace and courage Nicole. I’ve always admired Ro Khanna. It is disappointing to see him flip-flop. “The party can force men of good character to change their minds.”

The Kennedy/Shanahan ticket looks to be a sure thing.