DC Mayor Bowser Asks for National Guards Help With Buses Full of Migrants


Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser asked the National Guard for help in helping migrants who have been brought to DC from the south.

The Mayor, who advocated for the acceptance of illegal migrants into the country, requested that the DC National Guard be activated indefinitely to assist with the “humanitarian crises.”

Bowser would like the DC Armory and DC National Guard resources to be used to help field migrants arriving by bus.

Migrants by busloads have been sent to the capital by GOP governors Greg Abbott of Texas and Doug Ducey of Arizona as a political statement over President Biden’s handling of the immigration crisis at the southern border.

Bowser expressed her disappointment at the city’s migrant boom and suggested that people are being “tricked” into coming to D.C. She stressed, however, that this is a federal problem and needs a federal response.

“We don’t see anybody from Mayor Bowser’s office here,” Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network volunteer Isaias Guerrero told the DCist. “We don’t see anybody from the Office of Latino Affairs here to say ‘Welcome, how can we support you even if it’s with like waters,” he continues. “People just want to wash their hands because this is seen as a hot potato. But what it should be seen as is an opportunity for us to actually create a model of being welcoming.”

The increasing number of illegal immigrants is making it more difficult for the capital to address the problem of homelessness.

Bowser appeared on Sunday’s Face the Nation on CBS to talk about the city’s homelessness problem.

Margaret Brennan was the host. She cited a Washington Post report that claimed homeless shelters were being filled by illegal immigrants who had been sent by buses from Arizona and Texas to Washington.

Bowser admitted that there was a problem and requested more federal involvement. She fears that illegal immigrants will be “tricked into” coming to her city.