Cornell’s Red Guards Shut Down Ann Coulter


Ann Coulter was scheduled to speak Wednesday at Cornell University. Campus Reform reports that Coulter tried to speak over the noise for 27 minutes before he was forced from the stage.

Eight were removed from the event. Cornell offered an explanation.

Coulter was open and honest when I interviewed her about certain issues. Although it was difficult because it was telephone interviews, it was great because Coulter was honest and open about some issues. It is how civilized societies progress.

You can view the video again. These students are strikingly similar to the opening sequences of 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Did you catch the expressions “Words are violent” and “We don’t want your ideas there?” This isn’t a group of emotional toddlers who have overindulged. It’s a group that suffers from seared minds.

These students like Anne Coulter. She is funny, blunt, and acerbic. It’s her way.

They’ll be lawyers, legislators, and activist investors. They will be able to do nothing, improve nothing and help no one.

This has happened throughout history. This is what activists have seen happen. They were shocked when they were told they had to go.

They are willing to surrender to forces and causes that they don’t understand. I feel sorry. They will gladly sacrifice their lives in order to do this.