Cori Bush’s Comments on Atlanta’s Domestic Terrorism Show She Needs to Do Her Research


Cori “Police For Me But Not For Thee” Bush, D-Mo., spoke out during the epic FBI hearings held on Capitol Hill. Cori Bush took the time to ask FBI Director Christopher Wray questions about his bureau’s involvement with the alleged targeting of Black Lives Matter activists, George Floyd protesters, and other anti-police protesters.

Bush then turned Wray’s attention to domestic terrorism in Atlanta, where violent activists linked to Antifa or Stacey Abrams have caused havoc in the city in the last few months over the public safety training center that the city is planning to build. In their exchange, Wray revealed how ignorant she is regarding the situation in Atlanta.

Bush asked, “Isn’t it true that the FBI was actively involved in law enforcement response against people protesting at the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center? This response included state charges of home terrorism against protesters?” “Yes or No?”

Wray responded, “Well our Atlanta division works in support of state and local partners with regards to violence and violence threats that occur during the unrest you are referring to.”

Bush said, “The FBI is involved,” but she then went to town.

She raged, “These aren’t isolated incidents. They’re part of a long-standing history of abuses committed by the FBI towards black and brown communities as well as progressive movements.” These are the real issues of oversight. My district is concerned about the protection of civil rights for black and brown people. “I know this personally from my experience in the Ferguson Uprising, and other protest movements I’ve been a member of.”

It’s all very well, but Bush has shown that she doesn’t know what is going on in Atlanta. Domestic terrorists tend to be white and most of them are from outside Georgia. The city council approved this project because the “black-and-brown communities” surrounding it have overwhelmingly supported the public safety training center. The city of Atlanta wants to “protect” “civil rights” for “black and brown people”, and everyone else, by ensuring that first responders and law enforcement receive proper training.

But Bush didn’t stop. She went after the GOP and not only did she make it personal but also attacked them.

She continued, “That’s the reason I asked about the targeting protesters when you last appeared before us because they included me.” “But my district isn’t concerned about the Republican conspiracy theories or selective targeting of law-enforcement agencies that try to hold their twice impeached and twice indicted cult leader Donald Trump accountable.”

She went there but didn’t stop.

She continued, “The Insurrection Caucus wants this hearing to score immediate points for political purposes.” “They want control over oversight.” They don’t like to do it. But we are talking about issues that can save lives. “I urge my Republican colleagues, who say they care about government overreach or weaponization, to do the same.”

Bush and others who want to undermine the police or stoke racial tensions cannot face the truth when it disrupts the narrative. She either doesn’t know what has been happening in Atlanta, or she is deliberately ignoring it for cheap political purposes.