Colorado Mountains: Bigfoot Caught On Camera?


I don’t know about you all, but I have been caught in a fugue of sorrow and apprehension ever since Saturday. The meat grinder in Ukraine, currently closing in on its second year, has been depressing enough, but the stories of incomprehensible, medieval barbarism coming out of Israel — and the soul-sucking gloom of knowing big war is looming — have been kicking all other current event concerns to the curb for me. So this wee bit of breaking news is just what the doctor ordered for those who, like me, need a break from the tragedies and fears of our currently rudderless world.

On Sunday, a Colorado couple, Shannon Parker and Stetson Parker, rode through the mountains in a narrow gauge steam-powered locomotive. The ride takes you through the San Juan National Forest which covers nearly 2 million acres. The park is also adjacent to the Rio Grande National Forest, covering nearly 2,000,000 acres. This vast area of open land in this part could be a perfect place for Bigfoot if he is real.

They were able to see the Sasquatch in action as they enjoyed the view from the train window. The Parkers and another passenger captured video and still images.

Shannon posted pictures and videos of the bizarre event on her Facebook page two days later.

You’re all invited to a story! Stetson Tyler, my husband, and I rode the Narrow Gauge Train from Durango to Silverton on Sunday, 8 October 2023. Stetson Tyler and I took the narrow gauge train from Durango to Silverton on Sunday, October 8, 2023. Stetson, who was riding with me on the train to Durango, saw something moving in the mountains and said he thought it might be Bigfoot. Brandon, the man sitting next to Stetson in the train, grabs his cellphone and begins recording. While I was trying to take a picture on my camera, Brandon @bt92.travels started recording. Here is the video Brandon @bt92.travels took and the photos that I took. Three or four people out of hundreds on the train actually saw the elusive Bigfoot, as Stetson states in the video. We Believe! #bigfootsighting #bigfootisreal #bigfoot

Shannon Parker’s post on Facebook contains all of the images.

Brandon, the travel photographer who was a fellow passenger of The Parkers, recorded a video of the creature. The video is clear and sharp in daylight, showing what looks to be Bigfoot from a distance. When it sees the train approaching, the beast starts to walk and then crouches in the brush. Its fur blends into the landscape with impressive ease, making it look like a coat designed by nature rather than a costume designer.

Here is the recently stabilized version of the classic Bigfoot footage: Here’s the newly stabilized version.

In a few days, we’ll probably discover that this latest Bigfoot sighting was nothing more than a hoax. It may be as popular as the 1967 footage that was never proven to be false, but it is also not conclusive. It is certainly a relief to a world that’s been wracked by tragedy after tragedy. It’s nice to know that there are still mysteries and possibilities, we cannot penetrate or comprehend. This means that everything is possible.