CNN’s Mary Katharine Ham’s Epic Viral Rant Against Her Network


Mary Katharine Ham, the conservative CNN pundit, criticized her network’s biased coverage in a series that went viral on Twitter. Ham responded to Maggie Haberman, a New York Times reporter who had criticized Ron DeSantis’ claim that there was little media coverage of the congressional baseball shoot.

“He is arguing that the shootings didn’t get enough coverage. Haberman stated that they were a big story. Ham pointed out that she was wrong.

“I lived just a block away from the baseball field. Within 48 hours, all the news vans had disappeared. “I was live on TV from the field where the game was being played a day after it was almost canceled by mass killing. My topic was “Mike Pence reportedly hired an attorney,” Ham tweeted. You can talk yourself into thinking that a similar attempt at murder on a whole team of Democrats would have received the same treatment. The shooting of Gabby Giffords seems very similar and disproves this theory. It’s simply not true, even without this data point.

Ham was not yet complete. It doesn’t mean Jan. 6, however, doesn’t merit coverage. It would be wrong to move on after 48 hours for this and Gabby Giffords. She said that Scalise’s return as a member of Congress was covered in very limited detail and that the anniversary was not mentioned at all. It is true, I checked it at the time. News vans were set up at the home of Elizabeth Lauten’s parents, who were criticized by Obama’s daughters via Facebook. They were there for much longer than they were on the practice field. This is not a news cycle issue.

Andrew Kaczynski, CNN’s CNN correspondent, though he could prove Ham right. So he sent in a screenshot of Ham on CNN at that time. He tweeted, “It seems [like] you talked about the baseball game?”

“Hi, Andrew. Ham replied, “Yes, this happened within 24-48 hours that it was a story.” “This segment was based upon the ridiculous Sanford assertion that Trump’s rhetoric caused it. Nats Park was at fault for the Nats Park game, and yet it was not focusing on this. “Does Ham need the rest? Is it the same itinerary as the one before?” Kaczynski asked.

Ham said that Kaczynski had nothing to say about Cuomo or Toobin but that he needed to fact-check him when he didn’t reply. She pointed out that one of her colleagues jacked off and the other violated every conflict-of-interest rule in journalism, lied to it, and was fired.

Ham is Ham playing with fire by calling out her network so bluntly? CNN will respond by letting Ham go.