CNN Expresses Anger as Fox News Settles Dominion Lawsuit Outside of Court


Fox News reached a settlement with Dominion Voting Systems on Tuesday for a staggering $787.5 Million. This settlement came after the trial was delayed on Monday, giving both sides more time to reach an agreement.

The huge settlement was the result of figures going on the network after the 2020 election, accusing Dominion machines of being used to rig the election. That evidence, largely pushed by figures like Sidney Powell, who promised the “Kraken,” never emerged.

CNN is very upset about the outcome of this case. Oliver Darcy, Alyson Cameta, and others took to the airwaves after the incident and shook their hands at the sky.

I find it strange to be slamming CNN when Fox News has taken a huge hit. Even for a national news organization, $787.5 is a lot of money. The hosts on the liberal channel are so ridiculous that they manage to always outpace reality.

Darcy is saying something. He says that going to court would have been like a “democracy” trial balloon. What is that? It’s the United States of America. It’s not a danger to democracy when free speech becomes defamation. It is a delusion to assert this. The line “There were many people who wanted this process to happen” is a great one. Darcy, one of those people at CNN is also part of this group. It’s laughable that he would pretend to be a straight-talking newsman, speaking as if the majority were his audience.

Camerota, who is not much better, laments that Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson do not have to stand up, giving CNN red meat for their diminishing audience. Fox News was allowed to avoid the public apology. But that’s usually how settlements go.

It was never about settling the dispute at CNN. As a quick way to achieve success, it was to try to destroy Fox News as the network consistently dominates CNN’s ratings. Here’s a suggestion for the liberal network. How about CNN executives, instead of trying to gain an advantage by silencing the other networks, start firing those overpaid and unpopular hosts who populate their lineup? Darcy or Camerota could be the first to go. It’s not working to keep moving the same pieces of chess around and jumble the schedule.

In terms of Fox News, I don’t really know what this settlement will mean for the network in the long run. To make an educated guess, someone would have to know their financials and the ratio of yearly income vs. expenditures. I am confident that the conservative network’s leadership will crack down on fraudulent election claims in the future. It’s understandable that some people will be upset. But when a company has to pay $787 million to settle a claim, emotions are put to the side.