Chaos at UT Austin Protests: Anti-Israel Demonstrators Clash with Police, Shouting ‘Pigs Go Home’


On Wednesday, more than 100 protesters took part in a raucous anti-Israel demonstration at the University of Texas campus in Austin.

On the South Lawn of the school, hundreds of people watched the protests and some joined in with the anti-Israel chants. UT Austin has been one of the many American Universities where anti-Israel demonstrations have increased in recent days as the Israeli military continues its war against Hamas in the Middle East.

Austin Police Department (APD), and the Texas Department of Public Safety Department (DPS), were seen making arrests. Some officers accompanied the protests by horseback.

The group was heard chanting “APD KKK IDF/they’re all the Same.”

The protesters chanted, “Pigs Go Home!” The Texas officers who were on the scene. The police quickly stopped the keffiyeh-wearing protesters from setting up tents.

Later, the DPS said it had made over 20 arrests. The department stated that arrests were made “to prevent any unlawful assemblies and to support UT Police to maintain the peace by arresting any criminal activity including criminal trespass.”

On X the Republican Governor. Greg Abbott called the protests lawless and antisemitic.

Abbott wrote: “These protesters should be in prison.” “Texas will not tolerate antisemitism. Period.”

Students who participate in antisemitic, hate-filled protests in public colleges or universities in Texas should be expelled.

UT Austin has said it “doesn’t tolerate” disruptive demonstrations.

The statement stated that “UT Austin will not tolerate disruptions to campus operations or activities as we have seen on other campuses.” This is a critical time of the semester as students are finishing their classes and preparing for finals. We will take immediate action to ensure that these functions continue without interruption.