Byron Donalds Delivers Must-See Demolition of Democrat Economic Policy During Hearing


Byron Donalds is a Republican politician.

Donalds demanded that witnesses explain the current inflation crisis and the labor shortage. Donalds also completely discredited Democrat economic policies.

Although the clip is just over 2 minutes long, it’s well worth every minute.

Donalds begins by pointing out the main problem. Donalds starts by pointing out the main problem. Donalds then goes on.

He insists that he doesn’t blame workers but that if people get rich and don’t work, it can cause a shortage of jobs. This is what has led to the supply-chain crisis that the country is currently facing.

Donalds also points out that the American Rescue Plan was responsible for all this. While they pretend it was an accident, it was deliberate and intentional.

Donalds then questions another witness if his description is fair. Donalds then asked another witness if he believed his description was fair. The moment was short and the Republican was not finished. Donalds made the next obvious point, which was that gas prices were falling because Biden had depleted the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve. This was to make it seem like you are being taken from you.

Donalds ends with his main point. Donalds concludes with his main point. Despite Democrats believing that the rules of economics do not apply to them it doesn’t mean they are responsible for the consequences.

Donalds is well worth your attention. His future looks brighter, I believe.