Buttigieg Accuses Republicans Opposing Trans Ideology of Chasing ‘Clout, Clicks, Cash’


In a recent article, Chasten Buttigieg stated that Republicans and conservatives opposing trans ideology were motivated by “clout”, “clicks” and “fame”. He was on a book tour for his new publication.

Buttigieg’s wife is Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. He spoke about “The Issue”, citing statistics that showed that forty percent (40%) of homeless children identified as LGBTQ and that 50% of transgender kids attempted suicide.

He said: “If, as an official, you are not afraid by all those data to do the correct thing and be on your side but feel emboldened instead to continue to assault vulnerable people and to go to work, that’s shameful.”

Trans ideology is a controversial political issue that has dominated the news in recent years. Democrats are accepting that people who identify as a different gender than their biological sex have the same rights and privileges as those of the opposite sex. This includes access to sports teams, single-sex zones, and other areas.

Buttigieg appeared to minimize the notion of genuine disagreement by accusing Republicans of having been motivated by the “three cs”.

He said “Clout Clicks, Cash.” “He said it was easy to raise money by saying ridiculous things on social networks or on the House floor.

Buttigieg has embarked on a nationwide tour to promote “I have something to tell you: For young adults.” He claimed that conservatives profit from hate and division which they use to attract clicks. The conservatives push people towards podcasts and websites but this is not what the public should be focused on right now.

He said: “We are dealing with children here, vulnerable kids, so I wanted them to feel empowered and invite others to the dinner table to learn about the experiences and perspectives of parents, teachers, and professionals about being LGBTQ or trans in this nation. ”

Trans ideology has been controversial because trans-identifying teens are offered the option of taking drugs that “block” puberty or undergoing surgery in order to alter their bodies to look more like the other gender. Republicans, however, have been fighting to limit the practice. They claim minors cannot consent to procedures such as surgery or drugs that block puberty.