British Paper Warns That Russia’s Nukes Are on the Move and Putin May Be Planning to ‘Send a Signal’


Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to make threats to nuke anyone and everything every week. Putin’s Illegal Annexation Of Ukrainian Territory Is the Beginning of a Conflict Without a Perceivable End. Putin’s Ukraine Annexation Speech Said What We Should Expect From Russia It’s up to us. These were the promises made by Putin in his speech.

In the past four days, the army of his ex-commander had been removed from hundreds upon hundreds of miles of “our country”

After The Telegraph reported that Russian nukes were being moved, people clicked to learn more. It is still the most popular item on Twitter’s “Trending List” even this morning.

Extraordinary evidence is required for unusual claims

Fears that Vladimir Putin might be planning a test to send a message from the West after a Russian convoy carried equipment to Russia’s nuclear weapons program sparked concern.

This weekend, a train belonging to the secretive Nuclear Division was seen moving towards the frontline in Ukraine.

Rybar, a pro-Russian Telegram channel, shared footage of a large freight convoy transporting advanced personnel carrier carriers and other items.

Konrad Muzyka is a defense analyst who specializes in Ukraine. He said that the 12th directorate had a dozen central nuclear weapons storage facilities.

An analyst from Poland claimed that the kit belonged to the 12th Main Directorate. This directorate is responsible to transport and store nuclear munitions.

“This could be a sign for the West that Moscow’s escalating,” Muzyka stated, referring to Vladimir Putin’s nuclear war warning last Wednesday.

Experts stated that the video does not show preparations for a nuclear explosion.

This report was solely sourced from @rybar, a Russian Milblogger on Telegram. To follow Ronald Reagan’s directive, Doveryay and Not Proveryay, I will continue to use his material.

Jeffrey Lewis, an Arms Control expert, examined evidence to prove that the train belonged to the “12th Main Directorate” as well as that it contained “a set” capable of transporting nukes. The Telegraph did not review this assertion. The Telegraph did not critically review this assertion.

The “kit”, also known as the “12th Main Directorate”, is a remote-operated turret that can be mounted to vehicles. These types of vehicles are sufficient evidence to prove that the train was loaded up with nuclear weapons.

The article warns Russia that it intends to test a drone of sub-marine type.

According to sources, The Times was informed by sources that NATO sent an intelligence report to its members advising them that Russia planned to test its nuclear-capable submarine Poseidon in the Black Sea.

The submarine can launch the Poseidon torpedo (also known as the “weapons of the apocalypse”). It is currently being tested in Kara Sea, according to La Repubblica newspaper.

Although it’s unlikely that Russia will launch a nuclear weapon, they might be testing out their new weapon system.

This is speculation at best. Russia may have nuclear weapons. Russia’s nuclear spying appears to be the object of the article.