Breaking: Fani Willis Confesses to Romantic Involvement with Prosecutor Nathan Wade


Fani Willis, Fulton County District Attorney in Georgia, has admitted that she had an affair with Nathan Wade. She hired Wade to supervise the election interference case against former President Donald Trump. However, she maintains that this relationship did not have any impact on the case.

Willis, in a 176-page court document filed on Friday, called the allegations against her “salacious” and “without merit”. The Washington Post reported that she asked a court to reject Trump’s and other defendants’ motions to disqualify both her and her office. She did so without hearing. She denied any allegations of misconduct and claimed that there was no proof the relationship between her office and Nathan Wade had harmed the case.

Willis’s reply came after Mike Roman, who is one of Trump’s 14 remaining co-defendants and was a high-ranking campaign adviser during the 2020 elections, claimed in a court document that Willis had engaged in a romantic relationship with Wade. Wade’s firm has paid over $653,000 since November 2021 when he was hired as an outside prosecutor in the case.

Roman claimed that Willis broke the law when she hired Wade and allowed him to take “vacations around the world” without any connection to the work they were doing on the case. Roman claimed that Wade and Willis were “profiting from this prosecution on the taxpayer’s dime.” Roman’s submission called for Roman to be disqualified as a prosecutor and the charges against him be dropped.

Roman’s motion has been joined by Trump, and another defendant in the case is Atlanta-area attorney Bob Cheeley. Both are seeking the case to be moved out of Fulton County, and the charges to be dismissed.

Scott McAfee, Fulton County Superior Court judge, has scheduled an evidentiary hearing for February 15, 2019. Ashleigh Merchant will issue subpoenas to witnesses and documents that support Roman’s allegations of misconduct.

Willis is speaking out for the first time about the allegations that he and Wade had an inappropriate relationship. Despite the evidence, such as bank records that show that tickets were purchased in her name to travel with Wade to San Francisco Miami, and Aruba. Willis’ payment to Wade was also a source of controversy, as he had little or no experience in RICO cases.

Willis’s problems go beyond the allegations that she had an inappropriate relationship with Wade. She was reportedly in inappropriate contact with both the Biden White House and the J6 Committee. Additionally, she is accused of firing a whistleblower who exposed the misuse of federal funds by her department. She faces impeachment by the Georgia House and the Georgia Senate established a special committee to investigate “various misconducts relating to cases related to the 2020 Presidential Election”.