Border Battle Escalates: Cruz Urges McConnell’s Resignation, Trump Super PAC Launches New Ad


Aishah Hasni, Fox News Capitol Hill correspondent, told Dana Perino that:

Dana. The Senate Republicans had a heated closed-door meeting last night. I, along with other reporters, could hear screaming coming from inside. Mitch McConnell told me after the meeting, that the discussion was excellent and that the conference would keep talking.

The filmmakers have reached the end of the credits. They thank the District of Columbia, and they mention the key grip.

After this latest drama, Sens. Ted Cruz(R Texas)and Mike Lee (R Utah)have called on McConnell(R Kentucky)to call bingo numbers or go mushroom-hunting in The Villages.

“Sen. Cruz does not like me. McConnell is doing his best, ladies and gentlemen. Here is the video.

I have known Lee since his early days in the Senate and during his campaigns. He does his homework. He posted this on X on Monday to show just how awful this bill is:

 Cruz and Lee, as well as all of the GOP senators that put McConnell on the chopping block, had a good point.

This is not border security.

The bill is not just a gift for Biden but also gives him the “power” to fix the border. It codifies the catch-and-release system, funds sanctuary towns, and assists NGOs in relocating illegals. It also has a lovely clause that allows Biden the power to reopen the border whenever he feels it is in the national interest.

The addendum would allow 60,000 Afghans to become citizens after Biden’s horrific withdrawal from Afghanistan. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as the article states.

While there is a Trump Super Pac.

Never Trumpers are free to say what they want. While I am typing this, Biden and Mayorkas are developing Plan B. McConnell plays while Rome burns.