Biggest U.S. Teachers’ Union Backs Teaching About BLM and LGBTQ Issues in Schools


Teachers’ Union National Education Association, “the country’s largest professional employees organization”, encourages teachers to display Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ flags and posters in their classrooms. Forget reading, writing, and arithmetic — the only division these teachers’ students will learn is the political kind.

The NEA’s mission is: “We are diverse, just like the students we represent. But united in our purpose, championing justice, and excellence in education.”

The NEA website encourages educators to consider themselves “political”, “activists” or “progressives”. “Feel secure in your rights as activists,” NEA advises. The NEA website admits that some teachers may not be able to do much “advocacy,” depending on their school or district, but it encourages them to try and push their agendas within the classroom. The section on “Supporting Student Activism” is headed by a picture showing students holding a black power fist with the words “No Racism.”

The article also includes a section on creating an inclusive classroom, which is headed with a picture of a student who painted a rainbow and wrote the word “Love.” According to NEA, this will lead students to not think of LGBTQ people as a part of society. This, in turn, can influence their views of what they consider socially acceptable. Oh, the horror.

The NEA quotes Idaho 4th grader Karen Lauritzen who says: “A lot teachers say, I’m non-political’, but that’s not true. From our local school boards and state legislatures, they decide the content, days, books, buildings, how many students are in the classroom, etc.

You are also an employee and therefore a parent. You can vote however you like or join a movement outside of your job, but it is not acceptable to use radical political views to indoctrinate students in the classroom. Teachers should also be more interested in teaching kids than in developing their skills as activists.

The NEA links teachers to resources that help them deal with “backlash” from their school or community for their woke activism.

Libs of TikTok shared a post by the Illinois Education Association, the Illinois branch of NEA. The post linked to the above NEA materials and included a video featuring a woman who was presumably a representative of the NEA or IEA. The woman advises teachers on what to think about when hanging Pride flags or BLM posters in classrooms, and how to overcome school restrictions. She supports LGBTQ ideology.

Teachers across the nation want to show their support for their students by including inclusive symbols in the classroom. What are your rights if you display a Pride Flag or a Black Lives Matter Poster?

The woman continues to explain that while schools are allowed to make rules, they cannot discriminate against viewpoints. She poses next to an image of a power fist and a rainbow-colored flag and says, “Many school districts have policies that limit what can be displayed in your classrooms and in your schools.” She also suggests that you contact a union representative if you have any doubts or concerns. If your administrator is against it, you should talk to the union to see what can be done. If you break a school rule, you could be disciplined.

If you don’t agree with the policy of your school district, then challenge it. In Connecticut, parents and students joined forces with a local education group to challenge a district policy prohibiting the display of Pride Flags in schools. They won! Pride flags are now displayed in the school district and students are aware that they will be accepted as they are.

Students who do not want to refer to a boy as “she/her” are exempt. Since 2022 evidence shows that the number of LGBTQ-identifying youth in America has increased dramatically, it is reasonable to assume that many kids and teens wouldn’t consider whether or not they are “transgender”, or homosexual, unless their teacher asked them, or if their class included LGBTQ ideologies. There’s also the matter of promoting the radical Marxist group BLM which promotes anti-American, racist views.

NEA is not just a union of teachers; it’s a Democrat activist group. These teachers don’t care about educating children, they just want to indoctrinate them. This is dangerous and unacceptable, and it needs to be addressed.