Biden’s Surprising Revival: From Truck Driver to Civil Rights Activist – Can We Still Believe His Story?


When will the liberal media start calling out Joe Biden’s illness?

If you cannot stop telling lies, even if they are nonsense or untrue but you continue to say them, it is a disease.

Biden was once again spreading falsehoods about his past on Tuesday at Biden’s second campaign stop, in Tampa, Florida. He spoke to supporters at an office. What do these people think, when they are supposed to support someone who keeps spreading lies?

Biden, as usual, brought up the civil rights issue.

“I became involved in electoral politics as a child, from the civil rights movement!” Biden claimed.

CNN’s Jake Tapper pointed out that Biden had been told by his aides that he was not done marching… but he continued to say it anyway.

Biden himself debunked the myth in the 1980s.

Biden still tells it 40 years later. That’s a sickness.

If that wasn’t enough he then pulled out yet another lie about himself.

Biden added, “Besides, I drove an 18-wheeler.” Politifact has called this out as a lie.

Biden *rode** in an 18-wheeler one time — almost 50 years ago. It is not known if he ever drove one.

He said another thing that was also pretty delusional.

It’s not. You can spend a lot of cash pretending that it is. This would show how clueless these people are.

Observe that the event is a small one. Joe Biden does not seem to have many fans in Florida. How can he expect to win Florida with such a small contingent?

Sleepy Joe energy

Biden stated at his first Tampa stop earlier that day: “We can’t be trusted.”

His comments have proven that he is right.