Biden’s Preposterous New Remark About Chinese Balloon, and the Troubling Info About What Was on It


Joe Biden will be in charge of defense.

It is clear that there are many questions about how Biden’s team responded to threats like the one from China’s spy ball. He said that it didn’t appear to have any hostile intent. A hostile aircraft entering American airspace could seem perforce hostile.

VanHerck also claimed that they could not detect any previous balloons. The country would be in serious danger if they couldn’t detect large, slow-moving balloons. It was just made public to all of the world, including our enemies.

Joe Biden appears unaffected by this whole thing in an interview with Noticias Telemundo. He stated that the threat to American airspace and the breach is not serious. He also said that there is a lot of spying.

Biden stated, “Look at the incredible global intelligence gathering taking place by all nations around the world. “The idea that a balloon could traverse –break American aerospace –is uh …,” Biden couldn’t even finish what he wanted to say, perhaps because it was so absurd. ”

It’s fine, it’s cool that they spy upon us and hover above our military installations It is quite frightening to see his casualness when saying that. We would grab liberals from the ground, protesting his arrogance.

Biden stated, “It is an international violation of the law. It is our airspace.”

Noticias did a better job than a lot of other media, delving into the question of the information being sent back to China before it was shot down. “Now that we know what we know — that the [Chinese spy] balloon had antennas and a communications system — do you regret not having insisted on bringing it down sooner?”

Biden said “No.”

Biden stated that China relations had not had a “big effect” and that he had told Xi Jinping before the balloon was launched that they weren’t looking for conflict. Instead, they keep testing Joe Biden. This is why he fails to fully protect our country.

Biden should also be aware that there is another interesting piece of information. It is not likely that Congress will consider it a major problem. Fox reports that Congress was informed yesterday that the balloon contained English writing, and had “Western-made parts.” ”

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Fox reported the State Department was certain that the balloon manufacturer maintained a close relationship with China’s military.

That could indicate we are being spied on by something that includes our technology and raises questions about how the Chinese got those parts. Just one more thing I hope Congress is getting answers for in this whole debacle.